Hainan’s summer tourism market is hot, airlines add flight routes in August

Original title: Hainan’s summer tourism market is hot, airlines will add flight routes in August

The situation of epidemic prevention and control is stable, Hainan’s summer tourism market is hot, and many airlines plan to open additional flight routes to and from Hainan in August.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in many places in China is relatively stable, and the willingness of tourists to travel to Hainan has been further strengthened. In July, the Summer Games began. As of July 22, the cumulative passenger throughput of Sanya Airport in the southern part of Hainan Island exceeded 1 million, and the average daily inbound and outbound passengers exceeded 47,000, a month-on-month increase of 79.7%.

Many luxury hotels in the Sanya Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay and other bay areas have room rates higher than before the epidemic; during peak hours, tourists need to queue for check-in and breakfast. Chen Wenwu, a staff member of Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, said that the average daily passenger flow in the summer prospect area hovered around two or three thousand, “doubled to five or six thousand in July, and exceeded 8,000 on weekends”.

The popularity of the summer tourism market drives the aviation market. Capital Airlines plans to open Haikou-Chenzhou-Xi’an and Haikou-Guilin-Yangzhou routes in August. The Haikou-Guilin-Yangzhou route is the first time that Capital Airlines’ route network has reached Yangtai International Airport, which is jointly invested and constructed by Yangzhou and Taizhou. The above two routes are carried out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

In August, China Southern Airlines Hainan Branch optimized its route network and increased its capacity investment on many popular routes. It is expected to increase 994 flights on Hainan routes this month, including 396 wide-body aircraft.

Currently, China Southern has an average daily inbound and outbound flights between Haikou and Sanya about 200 flights. After the increase of flights, there will be a maximum of 10 flights a day between China Southern Haikou and Guangzhou, and a maximum of 8 flights a day between Sanya and Guangzhou; a new flight will be added every day between China Southern Haikou and Shenzhen, and there will be 3 additional flights per week between Sanya and Shenzhen. Up to 6 classes. (Reporter Wang Xiaobin)