Guyu | Late spring and early summer, a taste of Lingnan

Creative copywriting/Yangcheng Evening News all-media reporter Yang Chuying and Wu Xia

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The valley is raining and the spring is shining, the mountains and rivers are dark and green

10:24 on April 20, 2022

China Land The solar term clock turns to

Grain Rain

this time

The seedlings are first planted, and the crops are new

The rain is frequent and the frost is broken, and the hundred grains are born from the rain

“Grain Rain” comes from this

In Lingnan

The last solar term of spring is invaded by the summer sun


But the spring on the taste buds is just in time

Shrimp fat, tender bamboo shoots, tea fragrance, sweet fruit

Have you tasted this Lingnan fresh food?

Coordinator|Ji Yingyun Huang Jianjun

Source|Yangcheng Evening News·Yangcheng School