Gu Yu eats 3 treasures, no worries for a year! Remember to eat more 1 black and 2 red to welcome the early summer comfortably and well

Tomorrow is Grain Rain. As the sixth solar term in the 24 solar terms, Grain Rain has the meaning of “rain produces hundreds of grains”, which means that Grain Rain is a good season for all things to grow. At the same time, the arrival of Grain Rain also heralds the end of spring. .

As we all know, solar terms are closely related to farming. In addition to spring ploughing, what else is there to pay attention to in terms of diet during the Grain Rain solar term? What should I eat during the Grain Rain solar term? Hurry up and take a look, eating right can not only be full of energy for spring, but also to welcome early summer in a healthy way!

1 Black – Ejiao

Speaking of Ejiao, I believe many health party friends are familiar with it. As a common nutritional supplement in life, often supplementing some donkey-hide gelatin can not only help improve the body’s immunity, but also help to nourish the body, and also have a certain nourishing effect on the skin. Especially for women, eating more donkey-hide gelatin can also beautify the skin.

Ejiao black sesame pills contain precious donkey-hide gelatin, plus the blessing of “Crown of Hundred Valleys” black sesame seeds, the double nutrition is absorbed and the taste is needless to say. The combination of black rice, mulberry and black wolfberry makes Ejiao black sesame balls taste dense, rich and chewy, and the nutritional intake is more balanced.

Without any extra ingredients added, it is healthier and safer to eat, and there is no need to worry about extra burden on the body. The production process follows the tradition, inherits the ancient craftsmanship, truly achieves nine steaming and nine drying, retains the most original nutrition and taste of the ingredients, and has a long aftertaste after eating a bite!

2 Red – Chixiaodou

Before and after the Grain Rain, the rainfall increases, and the air humidity will also increase slowly at this time, followed by the excessive moisture in the human body. Heavy. At this time, you need to add some red bean to help remove the moisture in the body.

But red bean is more troublesome to cook. Friends who want to save time and trouble may wish to use 6.00 dehumidification cake to help dehumidify. In addition to red bean, it is also specially added with a variety of natural and healthy ingredients such as barley, red bean, tuckahoe, yam, etc., and the nutrition is comprehensive and better absorbed.

Moreover, the 6.00 Moisture Removing Cake is processed by modern dehydration technology and made into small pieces like candy. It tastes dense and rich.

The small transparent jar can let you feel the whole picture of the wet barley cake most intuitively. Although it looks dark, it does not affect its taste and nutrition at all. Double-layer airtight packaging preserves the freshness of the barley wet cake to the greatest extent, and you can take it as you go, and you don’t have to worry about the fear of not being able to finish eating and preventing moisture.

In real life, many people confuse red bean and red bean, but in fact the two have the most fundamental difference. Chixiaodou is oblong (oval) and difficult to cook, and has a fishy smell of beans.

and red beans It is a full round shape, soft and glutinous, and has a clear fragrance. It is worth mentioning that the effect of Chixiaodou may be more obvious than that of dehumidification.

2 red – red dates

As we all know, red dates are the most common nourishing keyboard in life, not only can be eaten raw, but also porridge , soup, and even made into a variety of small cakes with Chinese characteristics, there are many ways to eat. Moreover, red dates are also rich in a variety of nutrients, and the vitamin content is unmatched by other fruits. Especially in late spring, eating more red dates is very beneficial to the body.

The Qidufang Yiyan Cake is made with red dates as the main ingredient. It is matched with red beans, wolfberry, peanuts and other grains to provide a more mellow and rich taste, and the nutritional intake is also more balanced and comprehensive. Without the addition of any chemical synthetic agents, it is nutritious and healthy, and there is no need to worry about the burden on the body.

It is worth mentioning that Qidufang Yiyan Cake uses xylitol instead of artificial sucrose to adjust the sweetness, without changing the original nutrition and taste of the ingredients, but with lower calories, not to mention the fear of gaining weight after eating. The automated production process preserves the nutrition of the ingredients to the greatest extent, and the powder is fine and fine, which is more suitable for modern human body to absorb and digest.

Gu Yu is an important time for the handover of spring and summer, so you need to pay more attention to your diet. Usually eat more “1 black and 2 red”, so that you can welcome the early summer comfortably and well!