Gu Yu “does not do, sleep and eat”, Gu Yu’s taboos should be known earlier, the elderly should pay special attention

Old friends, today is April 20, 2022, which is the solar term of Grain Rain in our lunar calendar. There are many particulars and taboos about Grain Rain circulating among the people.

I often hear old people say that during the Grain Rain season, there are three nos to sleep, three nos to do, three nos to eat. Do you know what the three nos are? Next, Lao Tian will tell you about it. Before starting, please long press for three seconds to like and follow to avoid confusion.

April 20, 10:24, Guyu. Grain Rain is the last solar term in spring. After Grain Rain, everything grows and thrives, and it turns into summer. The seasons alternate between spring and summer, and it is most likely to get sick, especially elderly friends. As they grow older, their body resistance declines. Now, we should pay more attention to the impact of solar term changes on the body. During the Grain Rain season, what are the three things not to do, three not to sleep, and three not to eat?

Let’s talk about three nos first. The first one is not to cut down on clothes too early. After the Grain Rain solar term, although the temperature has risen, with the increase of rainfall, The air humidity will also increase greatly, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large. If you change into thin clothes too early at this time, it will easily lead to the invasion of damp and cold, induce joint pain, and it is easy to catch a cold, especially during the current epidemic, cold is a Pay special attention. So we still try our best to follow the old saying that spring covers autumn frost, and don’t change summer clothes too early.

The second thing not to do is to avoid contact with allergens. Spring flowers are blooming, the temperature is getting warmer, and the time for outdoor activities of the elderly has also begun to increase. However, spring is also an allergy symptom. During the high incidence period, especially for some people with allergies, the catkins are flying and the flowers are overflowing, but for people with allergies, this is not a good thing. At this time, you should pay special attention and try to reduce In case of exposure to allergens, special attention should be paid to the diet, and the intake of high-protein foods should be appropriately reduced.

The third thing not to do is not to do high-intensity strenuous exercise. After the Grain Rain, the outside temperature is living, the metabolism of our human body is also accelerated, and our exercise volume will naturally increase. But at this time, the elderly must not exercise too much. There must be a gradual process. It is recommended that the elderly can jog properly. Mountain climbing and Tai Chi are relatively gentle movements. The duration of exercise is preferably half an hour, and it is best to sweat a little.

What are the three not sleeping? The first not to sleep is not to take a long nap. The old people often say that Qiu Kunxia naps in spring, the human body’s metabolism speeds up in spring, and the human body is very easy to get tired, so we can take a proper nap to relieve fatigue, but we should pay attention that the nap time is not suitable If it is too long, it is best to control it to about half an hour. If the nap time is too long, it will easily lead to not being sleepy at night, and it will affect the quality of rest.

The second is not to sleep late. Folks say that the rain comes in the beginning of spring, so get up early and go to bed early, which means that people have to adapt to the laws of nature. When the Grain Rain comes, the dawn is getting earlier and earlier.

, At this time, if you sleep late, there is no quality of sleep. It is better to go to bed early and get up early.

The third is not to sleep against the wind, because after the ancient rain, the humidity in the air increases. We must ventilate the room in time, especially before going to sleep at night. It is necessary to close the doors and windows tightly. Although the natural temperature will warm up after the Grain Rain, the temperature difference between day and night is still very large. Be sure to close the doors and windows before going to bed to avoid catching a cold.

What are the three not to eat? The first not to blow is to not eat sour food, to nourish yang in spring and summer and yin in autumn and winter. As the last solar term of spring, during the Grain Rain season, you should pay attention to more sweetness and less acidity in your diet, eat light foods such as red bean soup and red jujube soup, and eat less food such as oranges, mutton, and dried fruits.

Secondly, do not eat cold food, as the so-called Grain Rain. Don’t go first, Grain Rain is the solar term. Start eating ice cream, cold drinks and other foods to cool off heat. It’s just that the climate is warm and cold at this time, and with the increase of air humidity, it is necessary to eat more warm food and reduce the intake of raw and cold food.

Third, do not eat spicy food. After the Grain Rain, all things flourish, and the body changes with the laws of nature. For example, barbecue, spicy hot pot, etc., some light and warming foods such as yam and white fungus can be used appropriately.

The above are the three do not do, three do not sleep, and three do not eat shared today about the Grain Rain season. If you think it is helpful to you, please leave a message to discuss< /p>