Grain Rain Health: Strengthening the spleen and removing dampness

Today is Grain Rain, the last solar term of spring.

“Quanfang Spectrum” contains: “Grain rain, the grain is born from rain.” At this time, the weather is warm and the rainfall increases, which is conducive to the growth of winter crops. Sowing and emergence of green jointing and spring crops.

In the last solar term of this spring, catkins are flying, peonies are sprouting, cherries are red and ripe. .

The grain rain season is rainy and humid, and the dampness is heavy and turbid. Moisture is the source of all diseases, which can invade the internal organs of the whole body, and easily lead to obesity and weakness of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, if the moisture is not removed, there will be endless troubles.

When adjusting the intake and health, the factors of the Grain Rain solar term should be considered, and the factors of the Grain Rain solar term should be taken into consideration, and the cultivation should be carried out selectively according to its climate characteristics.

How to tell if there is moisture?

01. You can observe your health every morning when you get up. Under normal circumstances, people with heavy humidity will not be full of energy after waking up in the morning, but will be weak and unable to lift their spirits.

02. Observe the stool, if the stool sticks to the toilet, it may also be heavy moisture.

03. We can also look at the state of the tongue by looking in the mirror. If the teeth marks around the tongue are serious, it means that there is moisture in the body.

To prevent dampness from invading the human body:

  • Do not live in damp places for a long time, and try not to work in damp places outside;
  • Do not open windows often in humid and rainy days, but also ensure proper ventilation;
  • Do not wear wet clothes
  • Dampness often comes with “cold”, so pay attention to keep warm, don’t catch cold, and don’t eat too cold food, eat more to strengthen the spleen and stomach and remove dampness Food, appropriate warming, let the moisture out of the body with the urine, such as toona sinensis, black beans, barley, yam, crucian carp, etc., to lay the foundation for summer;
  • The weather is good Go out in the sun more often and exercise appropriately. You should choose appropriate exercise programs according to your physical fitness, such as jogging, doing exercises, playing ball, etc. You can also go on a spring outing in the wild, which can not only unblock your mind and improve your temperament, but also expand the body’s metabolism, increase the amount of sweat, and make it easier for you to exercise. Unobstructed qi and blood, stagnation and evacuation, dampness and detoxification, improvement of cardiopulmonary function, enhancement of physical fitness, reduction of the occurrence of diseases, and balance between the physical state and the outside world.
  • Pressing and rubbing dampness-removing points and joints to prevent rheumatism

After the Grain Rain, the humidity in the air gradually increases, and the humid environment is easy for dampness to invade the human body, resulting in poor appetite, drowsiness, heavy head, Symptoms such as joint muscle soreness should be paid more attention to patients with various joint diseases, such as patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dampness flows through the spleen. Removing dampness starts with strengthening the spleen and nourishing the spleen. Pressing and rubbing Yinlingquan acupoint can invigorate the spleen and remove dampness. Because Yinlingquan is the joint acupoint of the spleen meridian, it is also an important acupoint for dampness. The acupoint is located on the inner side of the calf of the human body, in the depression on the inner side of the tibia under the knee. When selecting this acupoint, you should adopt the posture of sitting or lying on your back, and massage the acupoints on the left and right legs 60 times each time, once a day in the morning and evening. It is moderate to feel soreness at the acupoints.

  • The principle of diet is to nourish the lungs, soothe the liver and strengthen the spleen. Nutrition is good, emphasizing the combination of thickness and thickness, and the appropriate combination of meat and vegetables.

There are many traditional Chinese medicines for strengthening the spleen and removing dampness. You can put some traditional Chinese medicines for strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach when making soup. Materials, such as yam, Codonopsis, Poria, white lentils, dried tangerine peel, Amomum, Atractylodes, Hericium, etc., when the spleen and stomach are healthy, the moisture will be excreted.

In spring, hair growth, dry mouth and tongue can be eaten with lily tremella lotus seed soup, wax gourd kelp lotus root soup, to clear lung heat, invigorate the spleen and remove dampness. Wild vegetables such as dandelion, purslane, and shepherd’s purse have the functions of clearing heat, removing dampness and detoxifying, strengthening the spleen and moistening the intestines.

Next, I would like to introduce two kinds of dampness-removing teas suitable for health care:

Red Bean, Gorgon, Barley Tea

Red bean coix seed tea has the effects of dispelling dampness, strengthening the spleen, diuresis and swelling. p data-track=”74″>Drinking some red bean and coix seed tea has a good effect of removing dampness and strengthening the spleen. In addition to drinking tea, the red bean and coix seed porridge is also very delicious. It is rich in nutrients and dietary fiber. Buy some It is also a good choice to cook porridge at home.

Chen Pi Poria Tea

Chenpi and tuckahoe tea is a kind of health tea that can dispel dampness. Chenpi and tuckahoe are common Chinese herbal pieces in daily life. When they are mixed together to make tea, they can dispel dampness and reduce swelling.

< p data-track="77">Many people will say that the body is heavy with dampness when they are obese. In fact, heavy dampness is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine. People with phlegm-dampness constitution are especially suitable for drinking tangerine peel and tuckahoe tea.


Many people will like the taste of old tangerine peel. Guang tangerine peel is authentic old tangerine peel. The unique aroma has been used for soaking in water over time. It has a good effect on expelling moisture from the body in spring.