Gout patients, do these 4 things well, improve metabolism, or reduce uric acid

Gout is a relatively common arthritis type disease. Its clinical manifestations are mainly sudden and prolonged pain, redness, and inflammation in the joints. strong>And other symptoms;

Depending on the individual’s constitution and the severity of the disease, the pain will gradually decrease to disappear within a few days or weeks.

Generally, gout patients will choose pain relief and uric acid-lowering methods for adjustment and treatment after joint pain, and among many treatment methods, the treatment effect of reducing the body’s uric acid content by improving the body’s metabolic rate is the most significant. .

Next, I will introduce you to several methods that can significantly increase the metabolic rate!

1. Drink plenty of water

The intake of a lot of water can effectively promote the formation of urine, so as to make the excess uric acid< /strong>And other toxic and harmful metabolic wastes are excreted in the urine. Generally, people with normal kidney function can promote metabolism by drinking more water;

For people with renal dysfunction In other words, the intake of a large amount of water will only increase the burden on the kidneys, thereby aggravating kidney problems. Therefore, such people must control the amount of water they drink, not too much.

In addition, it should be noted that drinking more water here refers to drinking more boiled water. Sugary drinks, because the high amount of sugar in high-sugar drinks can affect the excretion of uric acid, thereby reducing the metabolic rate.

In addition, drink less soups, because these soups contain a lot of purines, a large amount of uric acid levels will be disturbed, which will reduce the metabolic rate and induce Obesity and other diseases.

2. Proper physical exercise

Appropriate physical exercise can not only strengthen the body, improve one’s immunity and resistance, but also promote blood circulation, accelerate blood circulation, increase metabolic rate, and accelerate the excretion of uric acid.

However, many gout patients think that physical exercise will aggravate their condition, so they often choose to stay in bed or sit for a long time.

In fact, exercising when the condition is relatively stable can achieve a better effect of reducing the content of uric acid in the body, thereby effectively controlling the further development of the disease, but it should be noted that when exercising, it must be It should be done in moderation and gradually, and strenuous exercise should not be performed to avoid secondary damage to the body.

3. Control drinking

alcoholic Ingestion will not only cause abnormal uric acid metabolism, but also damage the liver and accelerate the absorption of other toxic and harmful substances, so try to drink as little or no alcohol as possible.

4. Eat more foods rich in dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is an important substance to help intestinal peristalsis, it can not only speed up gastrointestinal digestion, but also It can also maintain the stable growth and reproduction of bacteria, and studies have found that only 20% of uric acid in the body is decomposed and excreted through these flora.

Therefore, eating more foods rich in dietary fiber can also effectively promote metabolism, thereby reducing the content of uric acid in the body.

In short, if you want to stay away from gout, you must choose an appropriate way to increase your metabolic rate In addition to drinking more water, exercising, drinking less, and eating foods rich in dietary fiber, it is also necessary to regularly and quantitatively take corresponding drugs under the guidance of a doctor to avoid uncontrolled uric acid levels.

At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly go to the regular hospital for physical examination. If the uric acid content is in a high state for a long time, it will cause damage to the kidneys and blood pressure. Therefore, regular physical examinations are extremely important to understand the body’s uric acid status.

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