Goose meat is a “hair thing”, will eating too much delay wound healing? Really want to eat less or these

In recent years, with the variety of diets, the food on our table has become more and more, which not only satisfies people’s appetite, but also It can supply enough nutrients to the human body.

But it is precisely because of this that many people have bad behavior and eating habits. I also don’t pay much attention to whether the food is healthy or not, but mainly based on my own preferences.

Maybe the vast majority of people in daily life love to eat all kinds of meat and feel that meat can satisfy Appetite, but due to the differences in the nature of the meat phase of different animals, I remind everyone that you should pay more attention to some details when eating.

Some people have heard that goose meat is hair, eating too much will not only affect the health, especially for those For those who have undergone surgery, it is not conducive to wound healing. Is there any basis for this statement? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

What is hair?

I believe that many people have heard the word hair, because when adults go to the hospital to see a doctor, they are often told to reduce Eat hair, but most people are somewhat ambiguous about which foods are hair.

The hair does not specifically refer to which part of the food, the so-called hair mainly refers to those who may eat it. Foods that promote further progression of the disease.

In most cases, people will call those foods that are too nutritious as hair, because too nutritious foods, although It can supplement the body, so that the body or enough nutrients, but too much intake of those fortifying ingredients may also promote the further development of body lesions into nutrients for the disease.

And the hair products corresponding to different diseases are also different, such as a certain food after the above-mentioned power outage It may cause damage to the stomach, but it is not enough to affect other internal organs of the body, so we will call this kind of food a stomach problem.

Goose meat is a “hair thing”, will eating too much delay wound healing?

Goose meat should be regarded as a kind of poultry meat that we often eat in our daily life. In fact, goose meat is very important in our daily life. There are still many ways to eat, such as the very popular stewed goose in iron pot in Northeast China.

Goose meat is relatively rich in nutrients, low in calories and very high in food value.

If there is physical trauma, after treatment, the body may consume too much protein, so dietary supplements should be considered Some proteins may be more helpful in promoting wound healing.

However, goose meat is relatively rich in protein. Relevant research data shows that 1 kg of goose meat contains protein. The protein can reach 179 grams and its content is even higher than that of beef and pork muscles. span>

So goose meat is not a hair product. For those who have physical trauma, a small amount of ingestion can also promote wounds. heal.

Really eat less or these kinds

  • Spicy and spicy food

< span>Although it is said that spicy food is a kind of food that many people love to eat in daily life, it has to be admitted that these foods are actually unhealthy.

Because some irritating substances in spicy food enter the human body, it is easy for gastric mucosa Cause irritation, and also damage the health of other internal organs, so both healthy and injured people should eat less or no spicy food.

  • Seafood
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    All kinds of seafood are delicious and rich in nutrients. In terms of diet, eating some seafood in moderation can help The body supplements the required protein, calcium and other nutrients.

    But if the body is injured or there are certain diseases, it is not recommended for everyone to eat seafood, because most The seafood is basically cold food, it may be aggravated after being ingested in the body, and the coldness of the body will also damage the health of the body.

    • Mushrooms

    Such as mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, white jade mushrooms, etc., all belong to the mushrooms we often eat in our daily life Food, which is made by the growth and reproduction of various edible fungi.

    Mushroom foods may taste very delicious, but eating too much can easily cause fire. It can also cause wounds to heal more slowly, so hopefully you can eat less or less.

    • Liquor

    my country is a country with a long history of wine culture, and baijiu should be regarded as a relatively traditional alcoholic beverage in China. The habit of drinking liquor, but this habit will harm your health.

    Because liquor belongs to a class of carcinogens, and also has enhanced irritation, regular drinking will not only harm the body The organs cause irritation, and at the same time, it is not conducive to physical symptoms. It will improve as soon as possible. I hope you can pay special attention.

    • Variety of sweets li>

    Cream cakes, milk tea, donuts, etc. are all sweets, these foods can satisfy people’s appetite, evenUntil many female friends find that eating sweets can also make them feel better.

    The sugar content in the past life is relatively high, excessive intake can easily affect the fluctuation of blood sugar, and among them It is also rich in trans fatty acids, which is not good for health. I hope you can eat less.

    • leek

    Leeks are a kind of vegetables, which are rich in nutrients. The cellulose in leeks can accelerate gastrointestinal motility, reduce the burden of digestion and absorption, and also Can have a laxative effect.

    However, leeks contain certain thermal components. After these substances enter the human body, they may cause hot air to grow. , In severe cases, it may also cause anger, which is not conducive to the improvement of physical symptoms. I advise you to eat less or not to eat.

    Which foods promote wound healing?

    Foods rich in vitamin A:

    Vitamin A is a vitamin necessary for the functioning of the human body. This vitamin is closely related to the synthesis of human immunoglobulin. Therefore, if we can ensure sufficient vitamin A in the body, perhaps It can promote wound healing and reduce the physical and mental burden of patients.

    Zinc-Rich Foods:

    Zinc is also a very important trace element in the human body, ensuring sufficient zinc in the body. For male friends, it can improve the vitality of the kidneys. There are wounds caused by trauma, and you can also consider eating foods rich in zinc.

    Glucose-Rich Foods:

    < p data-track="43">When we infuse, most of the liquid used to dilute the drug is glucose solution, so glucose solution is chosen because it is an ingredient required for the functioning of our body. , After entering the body, it can bring energy to the body, and can also accelerate wound healing.

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