Good View Shandong | Ecological beauty! On the north bank of the Yellow River in Jinan, the green fields, blue sky and rice flowers are fragrant, and egrets are dancing

The fragrance of rice and flowers on the banks of the Yellow River, the flying egrets are busy!

On July 26, the intelligence officers “Gaoshan Liushui” and “Qi Zhiguo” sent a group to Qilu Yidian Intelligence Station, the official client of Qilu Evening News, in Jinan. I would like to share with you the pictures of egrets soaring above the green rice paddies taken on the north bank of the Yellow River. Villages such as Gaolou and Gedian in Jiyang District, located on the north bank of the Yellow River, are famous for producing the famous “Yellow River Rice” and are dubbed the “Water Town in the South of the Yangtze River”. The fragrance is everywhere, attracting countless egrets to settle down and brood.

“Sometimes they soar in the air, showing off their graceful dance; Sometimes he is playing with his lover, whispering in private; sometimes he leads his family members, in his own territory, to enjoy this beautiful home that is better than the Jiangnan water town, and an ecological picture comes into view.” Intelligence. The staff member said, looking at the green and silver picture and the beautiful ecological scenery, even photography enthusiasts dare not take more pictures, for fear that the sound of the camera will disturb their sweet dreams.

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets! Say goodbye to the splendor of spring and usher in the lushness of summer. From now on, the second season of Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian’s “Good Scenery Shandong” special plan officially kicks off. Welcome Yifan and intelligence officers to share the beautiful scenery of Shandong in summer, and work together The beautiful Shandong “new business card” with bright green hills, green waters, and fresh air.

Congratulations to the above intelligence for getting the best intelligence today, the intelligence officers will receive 3 yuan red envelopes from the intelligence station staff respectively! Do you also have this beautiful scenery around you? Use the camera to record and capture the beauty around you. Welcome to the information station to share~

Interactive editor Meng Dexia