Going through those long tunnels in Nanning is like stepping into an old movie

Each city has two special spaces

The market in the sky


City’s agility

It lies in the journey of the rushers from heaven to earth

Borrow a space from the sky

Let the view be closer to the sky

Borrow a space underground

Bury the traces of life deeper

The overpass silently records the joys and sorrows of every passerby

The memory of this city

Gathering is fireworks, spreading is life

The bridge has only two ends

In addition to meeting is parting

The story is over

The story on the other side has just begun

If you are on your way from get off work

Stop to take a look at the scenery on the flyover

You must be able to witness what Guo Moruo said

“I think there must be a beautiful street in the ethereal sky”

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t receive flowers and gifts

You only need to walk on the bridge

The wind will be the wind and the rain will be the rain

Through the dark and long tunnel

It’s like accidentally stepping into an old movie

Some people are lost, some are in love, some are struggling

The rushing traffic is the pulse of the city

The oath of the mountain alliance, this life will not be changed

It’s not as romantic as the evening breeze at this moment

The entrance is a dilemma, and the end is suddenly enlightened

Go to the light, there will always be an end to the tunnel

The world here may not be out of sight

Like Nanning, a rat street growing up with the post-80s and post-90s

Weaved into an intricate underground transportation network by time

I can’t see the head at a glance, and there are people everywhere

The friends who went to the mouse street with you back then

Is there any contact now?

Sunrise and sunset, stop and go

Fortunately, I have you to accompany me and walk through life

Source: South China Morning Post