Global Habitat! This old coastal city in China is so comfortable that it has been forgotten, and it is the choice for retirement.

37° north latitude, this magical number is full of the aura of nature. The area it passes through is full of human civilizations and cultural and historical sites.

At the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula, there is a city surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is the best footnote of Shandong’s maritime nature, and it also shows the magic of 37° north latitude.

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Blessed Land for Habitat-Weihai, Shandong

This is Weihai, one of the youngest prefecture-level administrative regions in Shandong. Before 1987, it belonged to Yantai, but Don’t underestimate it.

Weihai, although young but senior enough.

This place has been regarded as the residence of the sun god since the Qin and Han dynasties. It is the end of the sky for Qin Shi Huang’s winter tour, the secret realm where the emperors of all dynasties searched for immortals and asked for medicine, and also a natural monument for the unification of the world.

On the south peak of the Chengshan Sanshan Mountains in Weihai, there is a half stone monument, which is the only remaining boundary monument in the Qin Empire.

Weihai has always been a soldier A dangerous place to fight for sea domination. In the thirty-first year of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty (1398), in order to prevent Japanese pirates from intrusion, Weihaiwei was established, which means “Megatron Haijiang”, which is also the origin of the name “Weihai”.

Megatron also shows the inextricable connection between Weihai and the sea.

Weihai, born from the sea, is home to one-eighteenth of the coastline of mainland China. In addition to bordering Yantai City in the west, it is adjacent to the Yellow Sea in the north, east and south, facing the Liaodong Peninsula in the north, and facing the Korean Peninsula in the east.

Weihai is also the closest port city to South Korea. It has historically become the front line of cultural exchanges between China, Japan and South Korea, and is closely related to the friendship between the people of China, Japan and South Korea.

During the Tang Dynasty, the famous general of Silla Zhang Baogao established Chishan Fahua Courtyard in Rongcheng area, which is one of the earliest Buddhist temples in Weihai, and because there were Japanese eminent monks living here, it is known as “one temple connects three kingdoms”.

“Other cities build parks in cities, but Weihai builds cities in parks.”

Although Weihai is not big, it is more exquisite and unique. It is more like a forest city, surrounded by mountains and seas, with mountains and mountains. The buildings in the city are of moderate height, which do not cover the mountains and the sea, and are harmoniously embedded in the green mountains and blue seas. between.

Weihai’s greenery is one of the best in the country. Walking into Weihai, looking around, the city is full of flowers and green mountains, walking on the street, as if you can smell the refreshing smell of sea salt soda in the air.

Weihai is not only Chinese The first national-level sanitary city, the country’s first “beautiful city” construction pilot, and the first place in China rated as “the most suitable for human habitation” by UN-Habitat.


“A thousand miles of mountains and seas by car”

Weihai is almost the most suitable city for self-driving around the sea in China.

A “Thousand-mile Mountain-Sea Self-driving Highway” has not only conquered many people who yearn for the sea, but even CCTV’s father once worked for it made a call.

This highway with a total length of 1001 kilometers links Weihai into a large coastal scenic spot without borders like a bead chain. It can be said that 90% of Weihai’s scenery is on this sea-ring road. Only on this road can we see the real Weihai.

The “Qianli Mountains and Seas Self-driving Highway” can be divided into four sections, check in one by one, the northern section and the eastern section can be described as the essence part.

North Section:

Weihai International Bathing Beach (Torch Eighth Street) – Sunjiatuan · Hallei Station (Grape Beach Bathing Beach) – Maotou Mountain – Banyuewan Beach (46 Road Departure Station Daisy Flower Sea) – Haiyuan Park (Heqing Wharf World War I Chinese Workers Memorial Hall) – Happiness Park (Xingfu Gate) – Liugong Island Pier (by boat) – Weihai Park – Yuehai Park – Ocean Park——Kowloon Bay Park——Dongpu Bay·RV Station;

Conch Bay·Xiaoluo Station (Adventure Xiaoluo Growth Paradise)——Naxianghai·British Style Station (Naxianghai Diamond Beach Lonely Cafe Forest Hot Spring) – Jiming Island Scenic Spot (by boat) – Xiaowu Team Baohai Station – Jinshiwan Art Park (Fairy Tale Seaweed House) – Xixiakou Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park – Sea Donkey Island;

East section:

Depart from Jingzi Village – Chengshantou Scenic Spot – Skyscraper Ridge—Rongcheng Swan Lake—Yantunjiao—Wowushi·Ailianwan Station (Chengshan Ailianwan National Marine Ranch)—Seaside Park—Qingyutan Village—Rainbow Ring Road (near Huaxing Hotel) -Dongchu Island Seagrass House Station (Dongchu Island Seagrass Tribe);


< p>Shidao Chishan Scenic Area (Rongcheng Shidao Port Sea God Statue) – Tianmu Hot Spring·Kangyang Station (Wendeng Forest Seawater Hot Spring) – Jinding·Fengconghailai Station (Rushan Silver Beach Scenic Spot) – Dalushan Seaside Tourist resort;

West section:

Tianjia·Jiaodong Ruiniang Station (Red Military Station/Xiashibor Village/Jiaodong Public School Site)——Bible Mountain——Kunyu Mountain National Forest Park – Liudu Temple·Serpentine Language Station (Sketch Base/Farmer/Cherry Picking).

These are the highlights:

Maotou Mountain, going east-west, extending into the sea, named after the shape of a cat. It is the most beautiful section of the Huanhai Highway, where people can slow down and enjoy the time in Weihai.

Liugong Island, the birthplace of the Beiyang Navy, the first navy in modern China, the island The upper peaks are stacked, the plants are dense, the pines and cypresses in the distance are lush and lush, and it is known as “the immortal mountains on the sea” and “the paradise”.

Naxianghai Bathing Beach, the sea is clean, the sand is soft, the most out of the circle It is the triangular wooden house by the sea and the sunset windmill.

Jiming Island, once went out of the circle because of the location of the variety show “Where Are We Going, Dad” On the island, there are traditional seaweed houses of Jiaodong fishermen’s houses. The thick seaweed roofs look like a green fleece blanket on the house from a distance, which is both beautiful and simple.

Chengshantou, the earliest place in China to see the sunrise on the sea, also known as “the end of the sky” and “China” “The Cape of Good Hope”, the solitary peak on the top of the mountain rises abruptly from the sea.

Rongcheng Swan Lake, which is an oval lagoon with Ma Mountain in the south The peaks and ridges, the ten thousand acres of pine forests in the north, and the green grass under the water, in winter, the swans and the vast white snow form a picture scroll.

Sea Donkey Island, It is said that because the island looks like a prostrate in the waves watching the sea The “donkey” is named after the island. There are caves in front of the island, steep cliffs behind the island, rugged rocks, and countless seagulls inhabit the island.


If you drive this road around the sea, you can see the morning light from When the sea rises, you can also watch the afterglow dye the sea red, you can touch the historical pulse of the city, and you can also feel the leisurely and leisurely slow life of Binhai Old Town.

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Delicious Shandong’s “class representative”

Located at the end of the Shandong Peninsula, Weihai has both the richness and boldness of local Shandong cuisine and the crispness of Jiaodong seafood tender.

Rushan oysters are undoubtedly the most proud seafood representative in Weihai.

There are hundreds of oyster categories in China, but there are also dozens of them, but only Rushan oysters in Weihai have the national geographical indication certificate.

“High-end ingredients often only need the most simple cooking method”, simple steaming is the most common Rushan oyster way of eating.

This natural umami gift from nature does not require additional seasoning, just brush it clean, put it on the steamer, steam for 5 minutes, the oysters will open, and then dip in some soy sauce , you can enjoy this top Weihai seafood one by one.

Grasshopper Shrimp Absolute It is a Weihai delicacy worth waiting for. It can be eaten raw or cooked. It is the most common and delicious when steamed with eggs. When you come to Weihai, you miss the Grasshopper Shrimp Sauce, which is equivalent to missing “the taste of the sea”.

The traditional famous dish of Shandong cuisine——Babyfish dumplings can also be eaten heartily in Weihai dripping.

Half-palm-sized mackerel dumplings with large fillings, accompanied by small ingredients, put into the mouth, the sour taste of vinegar, the salty taste of soy sauce and the spicy garlic flavor are intertwined, and then the fish meat bursts out The deliciousness is unforgettable.

As the “capital of sea cucumbers in China”, another famous dish in Shandong cuisine – sea cucumber with spring onions is also an outstanding contribution of Weihai.< /p>

In addition to the seafood flavor, you may also feel another wonderful combination in Weihai – pickle flavor.< /p>

Walking in Huancui District, the central city of Weihai, the Korean-flavored names such as “Dr. Song’s Pig Trotter King” and “Li Chao Beef Bone Soup” make people feel as if they have come to Korea.

And many shops, hotels, karaoke OK, restaurants, and even barbecue shops in alleys have their signboard names in both Chinese and Korean. Whatever. When I walked in, the restaurant not only featured pure Korean specialties, but the owner was also Korean.

Weihai, A happy planet for Korean food lovers.

In addition to the Korean ingredients commonly found in other parts of China, such as fried chicken, bibimbap, kimchi, and cold noodles, you can also eat seafood spines at very affordable prices Soup and Korean Braised Chicken.

Weihai, underrated The old seaside town for too long, the other side of “Megatron Sea Frontier”, the fresh and happy Weihai is worth seeing!