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Why is weight loss not weight loss, but fat loss?

People who have lost weight will tell you that you can only really lose weight when your body fat rate drops. The excess calories will be converted into stored fat and accumulated, and the body will gradually gain weight.

When the body fat rate of girls exceeds 24% and the body fat rate of boys exceeds 20%, it means that your body is fat. If you’re losing muscle, water, and not fat when you’re losing weight, it’s hard to really lose weight.

You have to know that muscle is the body’s energy-consuming tissue, and muscle loss means a drop in basal metabolic value, and fat-prone physique will also patronize you. When you stop exercising and resume your diet, your body regains 100% of your body fat. Only by losing fat without losing muscle can you really lose weight and reduce the trouble of gaining weight.

During the weight loss process, if you find that you do not lose weight, it does not mean that weight loss has failed. The volume of muscle is relatively small, but the fat is relatively large. When you are in the process of fat decomposition, your muscles will increase, and your weight may not change much, but your body fat rate has decreased, and your body will gradually increase. Tighten up.

How can I lose fat without losing muscle? Mainly from these methods:

1. Don’t over-diet, Long-term starvation will cause the body to fall into famine. In order to protect the health value, the body will take the lead in decomposing Lose muscle, which means that you eat less and your body consumes less. Over time, your fat-prone physique will patronize you.

Therefore, we must control the calorie intake reasonably, ensure that the daily calorie intake is not lower than the basal metabolic value, and pay attention to the supplement of protein and high-quality carbohydrates, and avoid a single diet to ensure the basic operation of the body. need.

2. Regular strength training. In the process of losing weight, instead of simply doing aerobic exercise, we can add strength training to exercise muscles, so as to effectively prevent muscle loss. Muscle growth means that more calories can be consumed every day, which helps to create an easy-to-use pair. lean physique.

Newbies can start with low-load or body-weight training, choose compound movements for exercise, such as push-ups, lunges, goats, planks, etc., learn movement standards, and gradually increase the weight level after a period of time . After each exercise, the target muscle group should rest for 2-3 days, and the muscles can grow thicker by combining work and rest.

However, many girls will reject strength training, they think: girls doing strength training will become King Kong Barbie.

Actually, this worry is superfluous. A true fitness goddess, never afraid of strength training. Because big muscles are not so easy to develop.

Insisting on strength training can improve fat-burning efficiency, improve skin firmness, and effectively increase body proportions, creating a charming buttocks, vest line, and long-legged figure, which is impossible for aerobic exercise. effect achieved.

If you also want to lose weight and gain an excellent body shape instead of a dry body, then from now on, hurry up to strength training Join the fitness program.