General anesthesia in your impression, is it still stuck in “you don’t know anything when you put on the mask”?

A general anesthesia operation a few days ago made me feel that people know very little about general anesthesia.

The patient that day was nothing special, just a laparoscopic uterine fibroid surgery. She was very nervous. As soon as she entered the operating room, she looked around, as if to find the device that could numb her as soon as possible.

I looked around and couldn’t find it. Of course, she couldn’t understand, there were a lot of machines in the operating room.

With the help of the nurse, she lay down on the operating table. At this point, her perspective is mainly the ceiling of the operating room. Apart from two shadowless lamps, there is nothing else on the shed. At this time, she searched hard, up and down, left and right.

After connecting various monitoring devices, I put the mask on her face. The button was not tight, she quickly pulled out a hand and took the mask off. Loud: I have something to say, wait a minute.

Obviously, she thought she was about to be anesthetized.

As I smoked the medicine, I comforted her: Don’t be nervous, this mask is only for oxygen.

Hearing this, she looked at me with disbelief and said: Really? I watched the TV show that there is medicine in it! In addition, friends who have undergone surgery also say that there is medicine here.

I explained: There is no medicine in the mask, and now you are breathing oxygen. The purpose of oxygen inhalation is to increase your oxygen reserve in case of a lack of oxygen for a while. Of course, it cannot be said that there is absolutely no medicine in the mask. When a child is undergoing surgery, we may add medicine to the mask, and the child will pass after a few inhalations. Anesthesia for adults, there was medicine in the mask decades ago, and then there is no medicine.

Hearing this, she felt a lot more settled.

Suddenly asked again: Then my friend said, why do I only remember the matter of wearing the mask, but not the rest?

At this time, I have already finished the medicine. Look at the time, it’s almost 3 minutes.

I comforted her and said: This is because, in order to relieve the patient’s tension, our anesthesiologists will give patients some sedative drugs before anesthesia. These drugs not only have a sedative effect, but also have a strong amnestic effect, so they will not remember what happened later.

As I spoke, I injected a sedative from a drip in her arm.

A minute later, she became a little gibberish. After a few more murmurs, there was no more to say.

After seeing her sleeping, I fastened the mask to further improve the efficiency of oxygen absorption.

Watching my blood oxygen level stay steady at 99%, I started injecting pain relievers, intravenous anesthetics, and muscle relaxants.

A few minutes later, her breathing was completely gone, and even her jaw was slack.

At this point, it was clear to me that the time for intubation had come.

He picked up the tracheal tube already prepared on the anesthesia machine and inserted the tracheal tube smoothly with the help of the video laryngoscope.

Inflate the air bag, connect the ventilator, auscultate both lungs, fix the catheter… After a series of operations, I told the surgeon that I can brush my hands and go to the stage.

Before the surgery, I was given some more painkillers. Although her mind may not feel the pain, her body does. In order to reduce the adverse stress reaction caused by the pain to her body, we will adjust the depth of anesthesia at any time during the operation according to the progress of the operation.

Until here, I believe that many of my friends have a general understanding of the process of general anesthesia. As for whether it is “you don’t know anything when you put on the mask”, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom.

In addition, let’s dispel the rumors here: some people say that anesthesia is just a shot. After reading this article, what do you think? Welcome everyone to leave a message and exchange ~

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