Gansu and Guangxi epidemic reports!


Gansu: NewAdditional 37+306< /span>

From 0 to 24:00 on July 25, 37 new confirmed cases were reported in Gansu Province, including 34 in Lanzhou (33 in Chengguan District, 1 in Anning District), 2 in Guanghe County, Linxia Prefecture, 1 case in Xiahe County, Gannan Prefecture. There are 17 confirmed cases from asymptomatic infections, including 14 cases in Lanzhou City (13 cases in Chengguan District and 1 case in Anning District), 2 cases in Guanghe County, Linxia Prefecture, and 1 case in Xiahe County, Gannan Prefecture. There were 306 new asymptomatic infections, including 79 in Lanzhou (70 in Chengguan District, 5 in Qilihe District, and 4 in Yuzhong County), 202 in Linxia Prefecture (108 in Guanghe County, 94 in Dongxiang County), 25 cases in Gannan Prefecture (21 in Xiahe County and 4 in Maqu County). Among the above confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections, 2 cases were found from social screening, including 2 cases in Chengguan District, Lanzhou City (1 case in Railway Station Street, Chengguan District, and 1 case in Jiayuguan Road Street). The trajectory information of newly confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections will be released by the relevant city (state) or county (city, district). As of 24:00 on July 25, a total of 506 confirmed cases and 3,022 asymptomatic infections have been reported in this round of epidemic. 14 new patients were cured and discharged, and 31 asymptomatic infections were released from isolation. A total of 67 confirmed cases have been discharged from hospital, and 174 asymptomatic infections have been released from isolation. There are 439 confirmed cases and 2,848 asymptomatic infections, all of which are being treated in isolation or under medical observation in designated medical institutions.


Guangxi: New< strong>Add local 32+370

July 25, 024:00, Guangxi 32 new local confirmed cases (all in Beihai City, including 25 in Haicheng District, 6 in Yinhai District, and 1 in Hepu County), including 9 asymptomatic infections were revised as confirmed cases (all in Beihai City); local There were 370 asymptomatic infections (365 in Beihai City, including 334 in Haicheng District, 27 in Yinhai District, 3 in Hepu County, and 1 in Tieshangang District; 4 in Fangchenggang City, including 3 in Fangcheng District and 1 in Dongxing City. Case; 1 case in Qingxiu District, Nanning City). On the same day, 12 local confirmed cases were cured and discharged (all in Beihai City), and 45 local asymptomatic infections were released from isolation and medical observation (43 cases in Beihai City and 2 cases in Fangchenggang City). As of 24:00 on July 25, there were 365 local confirmed cases (364 in Beihai and 1 in Nanning) and 1,895 local asymptomatic infections (1,833 in Beihai, 35 in Fangchenggang and 15 in Nanning). 7 cases in Chongzuo City, 2 cases in Qinzhou City, 1 case in Liuzhou City, 1 case in Guilin City, and 1 case in Hezhou City). On the same day, 384 new close contacts were added, 145 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 17,043 close contacts now exist. A total of 2,061 confirmed cases have been reported in the region, 1,691 have been cured and discharged, and 2 have died. There are currently 368 cases under treatment.

Source: Gansu Health Commission official website, Guangxi CDC WeChat public account

Producer: Guan Kailiang

Editors: Li Ang, Zhou Zhe, Wang Yixuan< /span>

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