FUN Summer Vacation Fun in Fuzhou|Looking for a B&B and turning life into poetry

Forest pastoral, century-old houses, She nationality charm… A homestay, a kind of story, the poetry and distance you want, maybe right here.

This stop, stay in a B&B! “FUN Summer Vacation Fuzhou” has found these places for you, put on your backpack and set off, and start the vacation mode with one click!

Cangshan District

Butterfly Garden: No. 2, Huaiyinli, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

The Butterfly Garden includes No. It is from the famous film queen Hu Die of the Republic of China. She and her husband came to live here and spent their honeymoon.

Black and white lines outline the outline, Begonia glass softens the light and shadow, arched doors and windows reproduce the classics, hand-polished marble precipitates the years…Every part of the century-old house The design is very thoughtful and full of film quality.

In the black and white elegant western-style environment, the red and black spiral staircase, exquisite middle-aged furniture, and antique Chinese red begonia glass will instantly pull you into the era of the Republic of China.

Most of the furniture in the house are old antiques bought from overseas, giving the house both Western elegance and oriental charm. Harmonious mix and match, collide to create stunning scenes.

The carefully selected items such as hair dryers, stereos, tea sets, etc. in the guest rooms not only look good, but also feel comfortable to use.

Sit on the garden terrace on the second floor, feel the shadows of the trees and the evening breeze, where time overlaps. Butterfly Garden uses the innate sense of cinema of the ancient house to let everyone who comes here step into the old time with one foot.

Yanshan Ark Hotel: No. 2 Tiananli, Cangqian Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

The former Bojie Club After being carefully repaired by the manager, it was renamed Yanshan Ark Hotel to satisfy everyone’s yearning for the old house.

The exterior is a typical “mansion”, and the interior is decorated with wooden pillars, reliefs, gramophones… The whole homestay is full of modernity and elegance And stylish retro style. The homestay has three floors and is divided into 8 types of rooms. The designs, styles and colors are very different, and each room has its own characteristics.

Yanshan Ark Hotel has created its own expressions for different “old house tastes”: “Zhiyuan” which is mainly orange, “Heyuan” which prefers iron and copper, and green. The “Ark” of the film, the “Lohas” of the retro film… One scene at a time, one house and one environment. Playing an old jazz song in the room and drinking afternoon tea must be the old house life that retro girls dream of.

Jin’an District

Lingli Muli Mountain Resort: Liangcuo, Xuanxia Village, Jin’an District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province No. 5

Passing through Liushanwang Park and meeting the mountain residence of blue bricks, gray tiles and white walls, this is the mountain residence of Lingli Muri. At the top of Guling Mountain, you can feel the mountain wind and clouds and overlook the entire Fuzhou city.

The floor-to-ceiling windows and corner glass allow the indoor and outdoor spaces to be integrated, and on a good day, the sunlight pours into the entire house, allowing for a panoramic view.

In addition to the leisure yard, jungle swimming pool and other facilities space for you to heal and relax, there is also a glass restaurant and a starry sky barbecue area. Make an appointment with three or five friends, have a barbecue and eat together, and have a good time with the wine. Spend a romantic, comfortable and sweet night under the starry sky.

Geometric Wu Homestay: No. 51, Jiangnan Bamboo Village, Shoushan Township, Jin’an District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

In Shoushan Township, Jin’an District, Jiangnan Bamboo Village, a dozen kilometers away from the city center, is located in A homestay – Geometric Dock. From a distance, the mountains are clear and green, but the white walls and grey tiles seem to grow together with the mountains and forests. Traditional bucket arches and eaves pillars, coupled with fashionable creativity, are transparent and clear in comfort.

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the panoramic view make the homestay especially transparent and bright. The homestay is renovated on the basis of the old house, and the wooden components of the old house are completely preserved. The combination of wood and cement is full of the collision of modernity and feelings.

Occasionally take a walk in the mountains, live there and feel the charm of nature, it is still very interesting. The water in the swimming pool is all taken from mountain springs, and it must be cool to play in the water here. Play billiards, watch movies, make tea and chat… Here, you can come as you feel comfortable.

Changle District

Fanke Story: No. 5, Jianxin Road, Houyu Village, Changle District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Fanke Story was transformed from a building in the 1980s old house. Most of the decoration in the house maintains the original appearance of the owner at home, retro appliances, card tapes, old-fashioned thermos… Every furnishings in the building seem to have a story.

The first floor is a coffee shop, and the second and third floors are guest rooms. The coffee house is dominated by nostalgic atmosphere. The dual-card tape recorder in the bar plays popular songs from more than 30 years ago; the guest rooms have various themes, including Chinese, simple and elegant; It’s nice to have a slow time alone hereThe choice!

Jinzhi Homestay: No. 324, Xinguang Village, Xinlan Village, Heshang Town, Changle District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

The beauty of Changle is not only in the direction of the sea, but also in the mountains Secret Garden. In Heshang Town, Changle, there is a paradise surrounded by mountains and water. You can enjoy the leisure and elegance of the spacious courtyard and the mountains. This is Jinzhi Homestay.

Open courtyard, free swing, comfortable sofa… Living here will make you feel like home. Make a pot of hot tea, watch the sunset, the moon rises on the branches, listen to the babbling of the mountain stream and the children’s playfulness. Occasionally a gust of wind brings the fresh breath of the mountains, and I feel peaceful in my heart.

Minqing County

Mingyue Flower House: Jiuye Town, 123 County, Minqing County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Mingyue Flower House is located in Jiuye Town. It is a living B&B with the theme of vegetation dyeing. The B&B is a small courtyard with 15 rooms and can accommodate up to 30 people.

In addition to the longing for rural life, there are also special plants and trees dyeing projects to experience. Create one-of-a-kind creations with your own hands through the colors of plants.

Meet three or five friends here, make a pot of tea, and chat. Those poems and distant stories can be seen from the head up, and the longing for life is not far away.

Olive Lake Homestay: No. 212-1, Meixiong Village, Xiongjiang Town, Minqing County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, No. 212

Olive Lake Homestay is located in Xiongjiang Town, Minqing County. lakeside. The homestay currently has two buildings, 200 meters apart, called Olive Lake Courtyard and Olive Lake Courtyard, both of which were renovated from the old office buildings in the town.

The interior of the homestay seems to be randomly arranged, but in fact, it is full of ingenuity, giving people the relaxation and warmth of home. Standing on the large terrace on the third floor, the unobstructed view of the lake and mountains comes into view.

Stay here for the weekend with friends. If you like fishing, you can go fishing on the riverbank. When night falls, sit on the terrace, sip wine and admire the stars. Slow life, slow mood, there are traces to follow here.

Luoyuan County

Shexiangli B&B Resort: No. 193, Bajing Village, Songshan Town, Luoyuan County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Look at the landscape of Shexiang and enjoy She cultural charm. The moment you step into She Township, it is as if you have strayed into Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Land, where you can communicate with each other and hear each other. In this mountain village, there is a homestay full of She nationality style – Shexiangli Homestay Resort.

The three unique courtyards of the inn combine the natural scenery of the countryside skillfully. Here, you can fall asleep with the sound of water and frogs, and wake up slowly in the morning to the chirping of birds and insects.

In the homestay, in addition to various functional areas such as barbecue area, swimming pool, movie viewing and leisure area, it also provides rental of She nationality costumes, and takes a set of beautiful photos of the She nationality at the homestay. While enjoying the landscape of She Township, you can also feel the cultural charm of the She nationality!

Yongtai County

Slow Breath Inn: 35 Zhongshan Village, Songkou Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province No.

As the only national historical town in Fuzhou, Songkou Ancient Town is one of the most popular tourist check-in places in Yongtai in recent years. New spaces such as inns and homestays in the ancient town have opened one after another, and the Relaxation Inn is one of them. .

The inn has three floors, the first floor is a coffee bar and a small exhibition space, mainly displaying some old things and some cultural and creative products in the store. The second and third floors are for accommodation, with a total of 10 rooms. Looking out from the small balcony on the third floor of the inn, you can see the famous symbol of Songkou Ancient Town – Crane Road.

In the inn, no matter tasting tea, reading, chatting, or intimate breakfast, afternoon tea, you can enjoy the free leisure of life.

Yunhu Valley Boathouse B&B: No. 35-15, Xili, Chibi Village, Geling Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Yunhu Valley Boathouse B&B is located by the Chibi River. Its appearance is like a boat, inspired by the unique local boat dwelling culture. The houseboat adopts a wooden structure system, and one-third of the bow of the boat “floats” on the lake.

The house has complete facilities, the roof is equipped with an electric skylight, the sky is light and the trees and shadows linger together. . Living in it, making tea and reading books are all the ultimate enjoyment.

Chunguangli Homestay: No. 74, Chunguang Village, Chunguang Village, Wutong Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

When I arrived at the Chunguangli Homestay, I realized that the spring breeze is ten miles away, and it is not as good as living in “Chunguangli”. The nine wooden houses are hidden among the green trees and bamboos, and the Dazhang Stream is full of vitality. Resting here is a good dream.

Currently, Chunguangli B&B has nine rooms (nine wooden houses), namely: 5 waterfront balcony rooms, 2 tatami rooms, There are 2 duplex big round beds with a view.

Looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window, I don’t want to do anything. A few favorite songs, enjoy the soft music and the warm sunshine.

Dozens of old banyan trees with luxuriant branches, neat bamboo fences, intertwined with cobblestone paths. The breeze blows, bamboo shadows Whispering, spread out new paper, put pen to express one’s feelings, carefully write down every bit of sentiment, although life is leisurely, but it is not in vain.

Wencheng Bay · Qixin: Ecology of Wencheng Bay, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province The farmhouse

Xixin Inn is built on the mountain, backed by bamboo forest, and the houses are scattered. The interior decoration of the room is simple and atmospheric, and every place reveals a sense of nature.

Qixin The inn has its own restaurant, and all three meals can be solved in the homestay. The superb cooking skills of the farm chef allow you to eat authentic food without looking for it.

On the sunny day, you can see the flowers bloom and fall in front of the courtyard, and when it rains, you can hear the water dripping through the eaves. In the place where you gather and cheer around the fireplace, all the flavors melt in the small kettle. Everyone has a pastoral garden in their hearts, one house, three or five friends, and four seasons. The wind and the moon.

Spring and Soup Court: The first phase of Jianfa Mountain Waishan, Tangcheng Village, Wutong Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

The spring and soup house located in Tangcheng Village, Wutong Town The courtyard is surrounded by mountains and green trees. The homestay integrates tea room, restaurant, hot spring and accommodation, and is divided into three types: mountain residence, elegant residence and rich residence.

The overall design and layout of the room is in Chinese style. The seats and doors are mostly made of wood, which is full of strong natural atmosphere. The design of floor-to-ceiling windows allows people to bathe in warm sunlight in the house.

Even more rare is the direct The hot springs are brought into the home, and each courtyard villa is equipped with a hot spring pool. Soak in a hot spring to relieve the fatigue when you come, and let you feel the comfort of body, mind and spirit.