Four skin care remedies, the fourth you may have always regarded as the truth

Some babies may have such questions. They are obviously taking care of their skin every day, but their skin is not as good as expected, and even if they listen to other people’s advice, they have a rotten face. Let’s demystify four skin care scams to avoid bad face

1. Applying cucumber to the face can hydrate and whiten the face

Sliced ​​cucumber is in contact with the air It is easy to breed bacteria, and it is easy to make our face crazy with acne, so cucumber is more suitable to eat directly

2. Skin care with fresh aloe vera can be soothing and moisturizing

Unprocessed aloe vera contains irritating ingredients, which cannot properly hydrate the skin, but can easily lead to itching and allergy on the skin, so unprocessed aloe vera is more suitable as a potted plant

3. Wash your face with white vinegar, which can whiten quickly in seven days.

White vinegar is an acidic substance, which can easily cause damage to our skin. Skin whitening is not a quick fix. , we need to do a good job of sun protection all year round. Any whitening product is based on sun protection. Only whitening without sun protection is equal to no good.

4, eating pig trotters can be supplemented Collagen

The collagen in pig’s trotters are macromolecules and cannot be directly absorbed by our skin. Collagen supplementation increases fat on our body instead

If babies have had the above four remedies for skin care before, remember to correct them in time in the future. Doing sunscreen well all year round and developing good habits is the secret of our skin care and maintenance