For the rest of your life, let it be

In this life,

no matter whether it is rich, rich or ordinary,< /p>

Whether it’s brilliant or bland,

just let it flow!

How many years will there be in a person’s life,

The first half of my life is over,

There is not much left in the second half of my life .

Experienced ups and downs, p>

Taste the ups and downs,

Tired or bitter,

As long as I live,

be safe,

Just go with the flow!

Times are never forgiving,

Face will age with time,

age will also increase with time,

< p data-track="21">Looking back on the first half of my life,

Children and youth have the shortest time,

As if in a dream,

haven’t felt it well yet,

has become a piece of memory.

The burden of life is like a mountain, span>

The pain in life is like a stone in my heart,

Working hard,

silently holding on,

Tired in the body, bitter in the heart.

Even if the day gets tougher,

No matter how much suffering in life,

people should face it calmly,

These are all disasters arranged by God,

just get over it.

In this life, people live to the end,

there are too many things that cannot be taken away, wealth, honor, p>

Even laughter is a thing of the past.

Be it hard or tired,

success It’s natural,

Only alive, there is hope;

Only calm is a treasure!

The past is gone with the wind,

the present is cherished.

The rest of your life is good,

cherish and family

Happiness is never too late!