Food shopping chapter ninety-four: [Food Nanjing] At the end of July, three days and two nights of food foraging around Xiaolingwei

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First, write it in the front

At the end of July, I went to Nanjing on a business trip

From Yangzhou to Nanjing now As long as there is 48 hours of nucleic acid, it can be unblocked

Living in Nanjing University of Science and Technology-Near Xiaolingwei

Take advantage of the trend to explore the store in the surrounding area, which is slightly obvious The running account, but it is still quite useful for reference, it is recommended to collect and eat ashes

Second, eat it

I don’t know when it started, every time I go back to Blue Whale, I will definitely eat a big name in Nanjing. Sometimes I go to the store to line up, sometimes I just order takeout.

Nanjing Dapai is arranged for the first meal in Nanjing.

In the vicinity of Xiaolingwei, the nearest is Nanjing Dapai (Zhongshanling Store).

Many local friends in Nanjing will definitely sneer when they hear the big brands, after all, the price is high, The product is very general.

But for tourists who are short on time, it is very convenient to quickly punch in various famous snacks in Nanjing< /strong>, which is one of the reasons why Nanjing Dapai stalls always line up. And I have to say that if the old restaurant that the locals like in Nanjing can give 10 points, most of the dishes in Nanjing Dapai stalls can give 6-7 points, and even a few can get 6-7 points. There is an 8, which is about the same for tourists.

The packaging of the big brand stalls is as good as ever. Close the bag mouth, I even took this bag for shoes when I was on a business trip.

Back to the point, the order is as follows

First, let’s have an appetizer dessert

It is said that the sugar taro seedlings of the big brand stall have an 8 score, I believe it is difficult for local people in Nanjing to give different opinions. The price of 6 yuan is not expensive from the overall pricing of the big brands. There are many foreign friends who don’t know what sugar taro seedlings are. Let me explain here. In fact, it is small taro with sweet-scented osmanthus and brown sugar lotus root starch. Another brother’s dish is red bean yuanxiao stuffed with sweet-scented osmanthus wine.

The sweet-scented taro seedlings of the Dapai stalls have a strong fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus, because the lotus root starch soup has a thick texture. The color of the taro is relatively dark. After biting it, you can see the pink and white taro. You only need to sip your tongue to melt it in your mouth. The aroma of taro and sweet-scented osmanthus fills your teeth. .

Next is the roast duck I was looking forward to. I prefer roast duck, this time I ordered roast duck and salted duck at Nanjing Da Pai stall, but the result was a big disappointment.

Small serving of duck, maybe 1/4, when I got it in my hand, I found that the duck was cold, even to the touch. It’s a bit icy. After all, it’s summer, and his family isn’t a duck shop, so it’s understandable to get them out of the refrigerator.

As a result, although the roast duck gravy served with the famous brand was not taken out of the refrigerator, it was actually cold. This is hard to accept. The cold duck is barely edible. As for the cold duck, I have to return it if it is in the store.

Judging from the duck skin, the color is dull and dull. It has been stored for a while. I tried it. Not to mention the roast duck restaurant in Nanjing, it is not as good as some roast duck restaurants in Yangzhou. .

The other duck is salted duck, which is a little bit more cold

I don’t know why the portion is less than one dollar but a lot more than roast duck

The overall taste Between the feeling between the store and the vacuum-packed sweet-scented osmanthus duck in the supermarket, the taste is very simple salt, but the saltiness is not uniform. In general, this salted duck is basically a little bigger except for the larger portion. That’s it, it’s better than roast duck. I ate the duck from Han Fuxing’s store and decided to judge.

The two ducks have been overturned one after another. The last dish of Meiling porridge of the Republic of China is finished. Meiling porridge is made of lily, yam and soy milk. Looking at this strange ingredient, everyone can probably think of what it tastes like. It tastes sweet, with a fresh soy milk flavor, crispy lily, soft yam, the most important What I want is that these two ingredients go well with the taste of the soy milk porridge. Finishing a meal with such a sweet porridge is really comfortable


< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="" width="600">

The next morning, I went to eat Laogulou Jiming Soup Bun (Xiaolingwei Store), this real Jiming Soup Bun (three flowers blooming, One of them), the old store was originally opened near Taipingmen, and now it has finally started to open branches.

Simply ordered plain soup A package of 15 yuan/8 pieces and a combination of small wontons for 9 yuan

I went early in the morning and there was no one in the store< /p>

It took about 7-8 minutes from ordering to the soup dumpling, which should be freshly steamed.

A cage of soup dumplings 8 Only, it was placed upside down, and when it was served, it was chubby and steaming, and it looked very gratifying.

Pour a plate of vinegar, throw it in and let it cool down. This kind of small soup dumplings, it is nonsense to slowly open the window to drink soup. This is about a mouthful of stuffiness, so that the soup in the soup dumplings bursts in the mouth, and it is this bursting satiety.

However, if you eat like this, you have to wait for the temperature of the soup bag to cool down a little.

The original skin of this old drum tower chicken soup dumpling is really not thin

dumpling The amount is alright, but this meat filling is inexplicably solid, which feels different from the old shop.

In addition to the original soup dumplings, Nanjing soup dumplings generally also serve chrysanthemum leaf soup dumplings. It is said that the latter is not greasy, although I don’t think there is any difference at all… But this is also reflected from the side, everyone The fact that it is easy to get tired of the original soup dumplings after eating too much, this Laogulou Jiming soup dumplings will be a little tired after eating the sixth one, for reference only.

I feel pretty good about the soup dumplings in this shop. Although it is not as good as the old shop, it is also better than the others. The “Jiming Soup Bun” is slightly stronger. Their old store used to sell quick-frozen soup dumplings. After opening the branch, how to balance the tastes made by the central kitchen and the store is an urgent problem to be solved. one of the problems.

For the soup bun, I also ordered a small wonton

This little wonton is very It’s a blue whale. It’s a little stuffed and less slippery. It tastes smooth when I drink it. However, I still ate some meat with gluten and slag from 2 small wontons, so I don’t recommend it.


At night , I’m going to eat the beef pot stickers from the Northwest Bridgehead Ramen King (Dingjiaqiao Store).

The reason why I didn’t find it near Xiaolingwei is because it is probably not reliable.

The pot stickers in Qiaotou have always been known as Nanjing by locals. The top three beef pot stickers.

Arrived at 7 p.m., no need to look, just look at the people in line to know where the shop is

First line up the front desk to pay for the order, then take The pot stickers queue with tickets, but fortunately the speed is quite fast, it took a total of 15 minutes.

Watch while queuing It is also a visual enjoyment for the master to make pot stickers.

When the line arrives, you will be asked if you want to take it away or dine in. If you take it away, it will give you a simple package< /p>

Although it seems that there are many people in the restaurant, it is still possible to find a place.

A total of 5 pot stickers for one tael and 13 yuan. After I got them, I felt huge. One or two 5 pot stickers are enough for boys with normal appetite in the ZIP code.

Nanjing’s pot stickers and some other areas Different, from the perspective of the production method, it is better to say that it is fried, so the whole pot stickers are golden yellow. Just order vinegar, the pot stickers are big and heavy, and it is quite difficult to dip, bite from the crescent head, and after the edge skin enters the mouth First it was extremely brittle, the kind of crunch, bite into the crescent, turn into a different kind of crisp, and then bite down, because of the infiltration of the filling soup, the inside became soft again, a pot sticker, Three flavors, layered and progressive.

This pot sticker is super juicy, like a soup dumpling in the pot sticker world, take a bite, It can pour a lot of soup, and the beef filling has a looser texture.

In terms of performance alone, I personally think Qiaotou’s pot stickers are really good, but they’re not much better than Li Ji, Jiang Youji or something, about 9 It looks like 8 points and 8 points, and foreign tourists may not necessarily need to queue up to check in at the bridge head.

In addition, I ordered a beef wonton for 12 yuan/16 pieces. The beef has a thick texture and is stuffed into the wonton. The most important thing is It’s how to keep the smooth taste of Nanjing wontons. At this point, the bridge that day made much more than Li Jiqiang who had explored before.

With your eyes closed, you can hardly feel that you are eating wontons filled with beef. In addition, the soup base of the wonton is probably beef bone soup, but there is always a sense of sight of the soup base of Lanzhou noodles.


the next day If you want to play Kaxi Laishun, although it is not a characteristic of Nanjing, you just want to eat beef.

helpless.. summer vacation

According to my opinion, didn’t they find an excuse for heatstroke…


< p>

Xilaishun can’t eat it. Seeing Han Fuxing next to me, I originally planned to go in and buy some duck biscuits. It is easy to break, and the biscuits are relatively easy to put, which is also a characteristic of Nanjing. It is more suitable to be used as a souvenir.

Han Fuxing’s main business is all kinds of vacuum-packed food

Duck Shortbread 1.5 One, sweet and savory, is quite big, at least bigger than the ones sold in the Yadebao store.

< p>The one I bought was salty, and it tasted crispy and crumbly. It was added with duck oil and green onions, which could make up for the salty scallion pancakes

When I was buying sesame cakes, I saw that they also sell non-vacuum-packed ducks

Because I was badly injured by the ducks from the big brand stalls on the first day, I couldn’t help it. I asked for 1/4 of it.

Then Han Fuxing asked me whether to put my neck on my head or my head, and I was happy.

You are a time-honored Chinese brand, Nanjing duck noodles brand. Do you want to do that as well?

That neck, okay.. 

After all, this duck is only 15 yuan, which is not expensive

This duck skin looks different from those of the big brands, the shiny and moisturizing

the entrance has a jelly feeling, which is similar to eating Qingping chicken skin in Guangzhou The feeling is very similar, but the dish of Jiang Rong is missing.

The taste is naturally salty, but this salty, salty tenderness , salty and elegant, to maximize the freshness and sweetness of the duck itself

My impression of Han Fuxing has always been on their vacuum-sealed duck, which is really bad


But who would have thought that this simple duck would be so powerful?

Next time I come to Nanjing, I’m afraid there will be another item that must be punched in.


< p>

In the evening, go to Zhongding Mingyue Square next to Xiaolingwei subway station to line up Xinjiang Hotan special baked buns

I am I just want to eat baked buns

I plan to come and buy a meat naan and a baked bun for dinner

It took about 15 minutes to get to me. Nanjing is worthy of the name of the stove, although it is in the evening

but In the past 10 minutes, I was sweating all over.

There are several people in front of me, but I don’t know why. It turns out that they are all waiting to bake the buns, and I’m going to buy a lot of that…

I just wanted to buy a baked bun, and I silently didn’t dare to speak. I hurriedly asked for a meat naan and ran away

< p>

The price of meat naan is 15 yuan, according to a comment, the amount of meat, the fragrance of the taste,balabalabala

The meat naan I just got is hot, it looks like a lot of mutton, and it exudes a strong aroma unique to Xinjiang cuisine

It is crispy when you bite into it, but The practice of naan is destined to be chewy.

It was only after eating that I realized that the amount of meat obviously didn’t look like it So many, the price of baked buns is 5 yuan, this meat, let alone 3 baked buns, 2 baked buns may not be..

No wonder everyone is arranging baked buns…

As the flatbread in my hand gets cooler, it’s not so delicious

I can’t help but think, why is this thing queuing up?

Third, two more words

1. It’s really hard for the big brands in Nanjing to support the wall…

2. Han Fuxing Retail Duck and Vacuum-packed simply The difference between cloud and mud

3.Duck crispy sesame cake is delicious

4.Old Drum Tower Chicken Crow If the soup dumpling goes on like this, I am afraid it will follow in the footsteps of “Ji Ming soup dumpling”

5. No matter what store, queuing is really unnecessary

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