“Flying over Jingchu” large-scale aerial photography first flight ceremony kicked off in Han

On the afternoon of July 25, a Squirrel 350 helicopter took off in the Yangtze River Radio and Television Cultural and Creative Park on Optics Valley 4th Road, Donghu High-tech Zone, Wuhan City, and launched the 2022 “Flying Over Jingchu”. The prelude to a large-scale aerial photography event.

According to the organizer, “Flying over Jingchu” will be divided into an international version and a domestic version. Among them, the international version has 10 episodes, each episode is 5 minutes.

In the program, the well-known British Internet celebrity host Morag Hobbs came to Hubei, from the perspective of foreigners looking at Hubei, and told the story of the peat moss of Shennongjia Dajiu Lake, the lotus and the land of fish and rice in Honghu Lake, green brick tea and thousands of miles through experience. Stories such as tea ceremony, Beidou navigation and scientific and technological wisdom, and the return of fireworks in Wuhan after the epidemic, see big changes from small incisions, reflecting the new achievements of Hubei in recent years.

The international version will be broadcast in 5 languages ​​to 160 countries around the world. The domestic version has a total of 5 episodes, namely “Prosperity by Water”, “Light of Science and Technology”, “Nine Provinces”, “Hope Fields”, and “Lucid Waters and Green Mountains”. Each episode is 25 minutes. , extremely tricky images, touching stories from small to big, majestic original music, experience-guided commentary and exquisite and shocking packaging, a panoramic view of Hubei’s beautiful mountains and rivers, charming urban and rural areas, humanistic technology and construction achievements.

(China Daily Hubei Reporter Station)