Fengtai District added 2 confirmed cases and 5 people with positive nucleic acid test, the trajectory announced

Data map. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Dawei

From 16:00 on April 27 to 16:00 on April 28, 2 new confirmed cases and 5 people with positive nucleic acid tests in Fengtai District have been transferred to designated hospitals. The activity track is reported as follows:

Confirmed Case 1

Current address: Building 8, No. 4, Wanxing Road, Fengtai District.

April 22-April 26

Daily from 17:30-20:00 in the small park downstairs to exercise.

April 23

15:40-16:00 Paikeduolife Supermarket (Yuanbo Pai Store).

April 24th and April 25th

Around 16:00, take bus No. 177 from Zhangguozhuang Station of the subway to the market near Taiziyu Zhouchuanfang Station, 17:00 leave.

April 25

17:30-17:40 Paike Duo Life Supermarket (Yuanbo Pai Store).

April 26

Around 15:15, Yuanbo Jiayuan Street Garden will make nucleic acid;

15:30-16:00 Paikeduo Life Supermarket ( Garden Expo store).

Confirmed case 2

The close contacts of the confirmed case living with the confirmed case do not go out at home.

Positively infected person 1

A close contact of the confirmed case, who did not go out at home.

Positive infection 2

A close contact of a confirmed case, current address: Building 27, Fangxingyuan District 3, Fangzhuang Street, for preschool children .

Centralized isolation on April 27.

Positive infection 3

A close contact of a confirmed case, current address: Building 2, District 1, Sifangjingyuan, Fengtai District. For preschool children.

April 23

8:30 Take Metro Line 14 to Chaoyang Park and leave at 13:00. Then take Metro Line 14 to Shilihe Station, then transfer to Bus No. 680 to Fangzhuangqiao East Station.

April 24-26

Except for kindergarten, no other going out.

April 27

Home quarantine.

Positive infected person 4

A close contact of the confirmed case, current address: Zhaoxindian Village, Changxindian Street.

April 24

7:30-8:40 Medicine collection from community health institutions;

8:50-9:10 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Zhu Jiafen Sub-branch);

Around 9:15 for shopping at Lao Guocai Store;

Around 16:45 for shopping at Minshun Supermarket.

Centralized isolation on April 25.

Positive infection 5

Close contacts of confirmed cases. Current address: Building 3, District 3, Sifangjingyuan, Fengtai District, Beijing.

April 23

8:20-8:35 McDonald’s (Fangzhuang South Road Restaurant);

Around 8:40 Jingkelong (Fangzhuang)

14:00 Take bus No. 128 from Fangzhuangqiao South Station to Shenwumen Bus Station, and walk to Jingshan Park.

Walk to Beihai Park at 15:00;

Leave Beihai Park around 17:00 and take the bus back to home, and did not go out again that day.

April 24

8:48 Chia Tai Youxian (Fangxingyuan) shopping;

17:00 shopping at Fuyuan Fresh Supermarket near the residence .

April 25th and 26th

No going out except for commuting to and from get off work.

April 27

Centralized quarantine.

Fengtai CDC reminds you

1. Please take the initiative to report immediately to those who meet the time and space of the above activity track or receive a pop-up reminder of Health Treasure Community (village), work unit, hotel report.

2. In order to fight the epidemic prevention and control, some streets and towns are carrying out nucleic acid screening in an orderly manner. Please queue up in an orderly manner and obey the instructions during nucleic acid testing; do not gather together and keep a distance of more than 1 meter; wear a mask and pay attention to hand hygiene; before the nucleic acid test results come out, consciously do not gather or leave Beijing.

3. Do a good job of self-health monitoring. If you feel unwell, do not buy and take medicine by yourself, and seek medical treatment in time according to regulations.

Source: Fengtai CDC

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