Female netizen went to Turkey to have teeth straightened, but her teeth were ground into shark teeth, and she regretted it badly


See those who have a perfectly neat white The star of the tooth, smiling so generously and confidently in front of the camera, many people are envious.

In fact, there is no need to envy, because many of such perfect teeth are actually created after the day after tomorrow.

due to price In recent years, many British people will choose to fly to Turkish clinics for teeth whitening or porcelain teeth.

In order to have perfect white teeth like a star, British woman Katie Inglis flew to Turkey and spent £6,000 to make porcelain teeth there.

However, she did not expect that this dental surgery experience had turned into a nightmare for her. More money to treat all kinds of problems left by the whole tooth.

< span>At that time, the dentist first performed root canal therapy on her, which is a procedure in dentistry to treat pulp necrosis and root infection.

She received general anesthesia for this purpose, but unexpectedlythe whole operation lasted 8 hours.

Dentists performed root canals on 13 of her teeth, while also grinding down her 24 teeth to look like shark teeth.

grinding teeth To make room for a denture crown later.

When Katie recovered from the operation, she felt as if she had undergone major surgery, the pain from the anesthesia, She could barely move.

she left the hospitalall< span> Was pushed out in a wheelchair.

Basic after surgery It’s not like she thought she could get her teeth done in the clinicTraveling in Turkey on vacation,post-surgery The pain made it almost impossible for her to get out of bed, she was confined to the hotel for “four days in bed”.

her face including her nose, The chin and chin were visibly swollen and bruised and looked as if they had been beaten.

“This is the worst and worst pain ever.“< /span>

Although Katie did get a set of white and bright teeth in the end, this time the whole teeth treatment left her with A lot of troubles.

She said the dentist was in her gums She was left with 5 open scars and had to undergo stitches when she returned to the UK.

Many Professional dentists were also shocked to hear about her experience, as most qualified dentists do not perform more than one root canal surgery on a patient at any one time,because of having completed one root canal surgery It takes a lot of time and it is difficult to effectively anesthetize the patient’s mouth for a long time.

But Katie’s Turkish dentist gave her 8 hours of whole body Under anesthesia, she underwent 13 root canal treatments at one time.This led to her mouth sore that she could barely get out of bed and experienced the worst pain ever.

With the Katieexposure that this trip to Turkey was criminal Many people have also disclosed their painful experience of going to Turkey for dental surgery because of their cheapness.

From Ireland, Noreen Keegan Kavanagh, 57, was also attracted by the low price and underwent porcelain dental treatment in Kusadasi, Turkey.

She paid 200 more euros for her dream teeth. But her experience quickly turned into a nightmare as her treatment went horribly wrong, causing her entire face to swell up.

“I initially had 12 upper teeth. They cut my teeth down in a few hours, I had my new teeth fitted in the same week. I paid 120 euros for a tooth.

The next year, she went to get the lower teeth again, but this time it happened.


“I had two root canals in Ireland and both failed, so I had two teeth that were chipped, but they had porcelain teeth on them, As a result, the infection kept spreading.

I covered my chin because the pain was so severe. My whole face and under the eyes were swollen and I was on a lot of painkillers. I can’t even describe how terrible the pain was.”

She later had to undergo nine root canal procedures as the infection spread to her other teeth. This cost her 4,000 euros (about 26,000 yuan), which is simply a loss for her wife and a soldier.

So now she has no choice but to use her painful lessons to warn those around her who want to go to Turkey Be cautious and cautious.

“Poor-quality porcelain teeth can haunt you for yearsyears.tooth< /span>The doctor just cut my teeth too deep, I feel like my tooth nerves are dying.


Even though there are examples like Katie and Noreen “Turkey Teeth” on social media “(Turkey Teeth) is still a trend among young people, and there are even celebrities leading the craze.

For example, if you love yourself British reality TV star Katie Price, who has undergone cosmetic surgery, has a soft spot for Turkey.

She went to Turkey several times for facelifts, and her shiny white teeth were also done in Turkey.

>A few years ago, when she showed her real teeth, she almost terrified netizens. Because both of her upper and lower rows of teeth were worn down to wear fake crowns It looks like shark teeth.

But that doesn’t deter those who want to For netizens who want to go to Turkey for dental treatment, the hashtag #Turkeyteeth has been viewed more than 130 million times on TikTok .

The craze is so popular that many overseas companies It also offers consumers a “smile now, pay later” transaction, which means loans to them to get their teeth straightened.

About 35,000 people in the UK travel abroad for dental care each year, with the majority heading to Turkey. Reports predict that the Turkish dental industry will be worth £589 million next year, up £177 million from a decade ago.

Although the dental industry in Turkey is booming, there are often crises in it. The cases mentioned above are very good example.

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