Feasting, why is wine green?

We often hear people say “fun and green, bizarre; drunk with money, seeking pleasure”, among which “feasting and green” refers to the color of light and wine, red and green complement each other, making people dazzling look. Everyone can understand “the light is red”, so why is the wine green?

Looking through ancient poetry and books, there is information about “green wine” and “wine green” everywhere. As early as 1,200 years ago, Bai Juyi wrote: Green ants new grain wine, red mud small stove. In the evening, the sky wants to snow, can I have a drink? The poem of the Northern Song DynastyYan Shu said: The golden wind is thin, the leaves and leaves of the sycamore fall, the first taste of green wine is easy to get drunk, and a small window sleeps deeply. Here we see that “green wine” and “green ants” are the poet’s specific description of the facts and a heartfelt praise for the wine, not in a derogatory sense.

The wines sold on the market today are nothing more than red wine, white wine, and yellow wine, and green wine is rare; In other words, traditionally brewed wines are green, and this has been the case from Tang to Song.

The ancient winemaking process was relatively rough, and there was no pressing process. After the wine was cooked, it could be sold and drunk through simple filtration. When the filtration is not sufficient, the residual residue in the wine floats on the surface of the wine body, or some remaining lees are not filtered out, and this “turbid wine” will turn into a light green after a long time. It is precisely because of this layer of foam that makes the wine It has been given nicknames such as “green wine” and “green ants”.

So drinking is also called “eating wine” in ancient times, which refers to eating together with the dregs floating in the wine when drinking. Behavior.

So as early as in ancient times, “wine green” was a compliment to fine wine. However, after Wu Jianren of the Qing Dynasty coined the word “feasting and feasting” in “The Strange Situation I Witnessed in Twenty Years“, “wine green” has a derogatory meaning. The color of wine, people rarely think of the meaning of fine wine from it, but it has become synonymous with “drinking and drinking”, “drunk life and dreaming of death” to describe life’s sluggishness and rotten style.

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