Fangshan million cultural tourism consumption coupons will be “grabbed” at 8:00 on July 24

From 8:00 on July 24th, citizens can receive free cultural tourism consumption coupons with a face value of 100 yuan, 50 yuan and 20 yuan, including 100 yuan for accommodation consumption Each person can receive 2 coupons, and 50 yuan and 20 yuan scenic spot consumption coupons can each receive 1 coupon. Fangshan Cultural Tourism Consumption Coupon is a general industry coupon, which can be used in designated scenic spots and accommodation units according to the activity rules. The voucher collection time is from 8:00 am on July 24 to July 31, and the validity period is from July 24 to October 31, 2022.

Each consumer can receive a homestay consumption coupon 2 , and 1 coupon for each scenic spot. All consumption coupons are industry-wide coupons and can be used in any scenic spot or homestay participating in the event. The received cultural and tourism consumption coupons will be stored in the personal account of the consumer’s “One-click Tour Fangshan” applet. If the settlement fee exceeds 500 yuan, you can use one 100-yuan B&B consumption coupon, and if it exceeds 1,000 yuan, you can use 2 100-yuan B&B consumption coupons. Each order can use up to 2 B&B consumption coupons.

Scenic spot consumption vouchers can offset the same amount of scenic spot ticket fees: when the ticket fee is less than the amount of the scenic spot consumption voucher, the consumer will use it voluntarily and no change will be given; the ticket fee is greater than the amount of the scenic spot consumption voucher, and the difference must be made up before it can be used; The ticket coupons received by each consumer can be used cumulatively, and the write-off is deemed to have been used. Consumers can redeem entry tickets at the designated window or place of the scenic spot with the scenic spot consumption coupon. Fangshan Cultural Tourism Consumption Vouchers will not be discounted. Once written off, it will be regarded as a deduction or exchange and cannot be reused. After the validity period expires, all cultural and tourism consumption coupons will be invalid.

It is understood that this consumption coupon is specially issued by Fangshan District Cultural Tourism Bureau to provide relief services for enterprises, promote cultural tourism consumption, accelerate the recovery of the cultural tourism industry, and set off a climax of the summer cultural tourism market. Fangshan District focuses on the market in an all-round way. Under the premise of strictly implementing various normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, with the theme of “Enjoying Culture, Tourism and Benefiting Fangshan”, it has issued millions of tourism consumption coupons to the whole society, and the scope of application covers popular areas in the area. Scenic and boutique accommodation. The activities closely follow the market demand, integrate high-quality resources, and innovate distribution channels, so as to help the high-quality development of cultural and tourism enterprises in the region and accelerate the promotion of consumption upgrading.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhao Tingting

Editor/Ye Wan