Falling out of the toilet is “green” and “yellow”

Ms. Zhou went to fill her teeth some time ago. She said that she went to the toilet during the period. She didn’t expect that there would be a step when she came out, and she accidentally fell. She felt that the dental clinic should bear a certain responsibility.

Ms. Zhou is leaning on crutches. She said that it doesn’t hurt much now, but she doesn’t dare to exert too much force on her right foot when she walks.

The imaging diagnosis of the hospital was: suspected avulsion fracture of the right navicular bone.

The incident happened on July 24. Ms. Zhou said that on that day, she spent 800 yuan to fill her teeth in the outpatient department of Aiwei Dental, Hangzhou, Xixi Road. Then went to the toilet inside.

Ms. Zhou: “When you come out from the bathroom, there is a sink first, there is a mirror there, you need to turn around after washing your hands, and then you need to turn around again after you go out. There is one about a meter away. I fell down the steps because I didn’t see it.”

Ms. Zhou said that she fell directly to the ground and twisted her right foot , the knee is also knocked, and it cost about 1,000 yuan to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Ms. Zhou: “After I fell, I noticed that there was a green sign on the steps ‘Beware of the steps’, but as far as I know, the sign should be yellow to be more eye-catching, and I didn’t look at my phone or In other cases, because I turned several times in a row, I didn’t see it before I fell down.”

The toilet is located in the corridor of the outpatient department, After washing your hands and coming out, turn right and there is a step, which is about the same height as the iPhone placed vertically. There are two green labels on it: Be careful of the steps.

Ms. Zhou said that she went to check the relevant national standard – “Principles and Requirements for the Use of Safety Signs”, which mentioned that green is a prompt sign , to deliver safety reminders, such as emergency exits, emergency shelters, etc.

Yellow indicates a warning, conveying information such as attention, warning, etc. This fall, I am responsible for myself, but the outpatient department should also bear part of the responsibility.

Ms. Zhou: “Because such a problem occurred in their business premises, I think there is a design problem, and there are some safety hazards. Now they have not given a clear reply.”


The staff of Aiwei Oral Xixi Road Clinic said that Director Weng, who was in charge of handling the matter, was not there, and the reporter contacted him by phone.

Director Weng of the Outpatient Department of Xixi Road, Hangzhou of Aiwei Dental: “After the certification, we feel that we can also take responsibility for our responsibility. In fact, these signs are also posted in this place, which also plays a role in The obligation to remind, of course, she fell and we feel that her leg has not recovered yet, so we also hope to negotiate after she recovers, whether to give her some compensation in a humanitarian way.”

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Ms. Zhou disagreed with the claim of humanitarian compensation. She insisted that the other party should bear the corresponding responsibility. Director Weng said that there is no specific statement on how to divide the responsibilities. Whether it is compensation or compensation, they will not ignore it and hope that the two sides will continue to negotiate. As for what Ms. Zhou mentioned about the color of the reminder logo, she is not very clear, and she has to find out more.

(1818 Golden Eye)