Expert: The prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents is a systematic project

This article is from: China News Network

Industry experts say that children and adolescents are in a critical period of growth and development, and prevention of myopia is a “required course” for their healthy growth. According to the survey results released by the National Health and Medical Commission, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country in 2020 is 52.7%. my country has comprehensively strengthened the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents, and the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents is a systematic project.

At the “8th China Adolescents and Children’s Myopia Prevention and Control Famous Teachers Lectures”, many experts in the field of ophthalmology carried out multi-dimensional health science lectures, in-depth discussions on the current situation, future development trends and priorities of children and adolescents myopia prevention and control Work, and urge the “home-school medical administration” to form a joint force to build a “solid line of defense” for the prevention and control of myopia.

“When a child is born, it is very difficult to see.” Dr. Wu Haoran, member of the Hunan Optometry Society and secretary of the Pediatric Ophthalmology Group of Aier Ophthalmology, introduced the principle of myopia and visual function, and described children’s vision the entire process of development. “Babies on the first day of life can only see objects within 20 centimeters clearly; after 2-3 months of birth, the child’s eyes can follow small moving objects… When the child is 6 years old, the visual development level is close to that of adulthood. People usually have a vision of 0.8.”

How to become the “gatekeeper” for the prevention and control of myopia for children, and how should parents prevent children from myopia? In this regard, Dr. Lin Na, the chief physician of the Department of Vision Rehabilitation and Low Vision, Affiliated Ophthalmology Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, emphasized the principles of “one foot, one punch and one inch” and “20-20-20”. “When reading and writing, children should keep their eyes about one foot (33cm) away from the book, about one punch between the chest and the desk, and about one inch (3cm) between the fingers holding the pen and the tip of the pen. For the past 20 minutes, the distance should be 20 feet (6m) for at least 20 seconds.”

Schools are one of the main positions for the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents. Therefore, Dr. Wen Longbo, member of the Contact Lens Safety Monitoring and Visual Health Professional Committee of the China Health Management Association, used 10 key words such as “exam management” to summarize and summarize the key points of campus myopia prevention and control and myopia screening. He reminded parents not to wait for their children to be short-sighted before going to the hospital. From the age of 3, they should regularly take their children to professional medical institutions for eye examinations every year to help children establish eye health development files, so as to achieve early detection and early intervention.

For the medical staff, Dr. Zhang Xiaoxiao, member of the Visual Health Branch of the Guangdong Precision Medicine Application Society, focused on the role of behavioral intervention, optical intervention, and drug intervention in the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents. “Professional things are left to professional people. As ophthalmologists, we need to develop a personalized myopia prevention and control plan for each child, so as to effectively delay the development of myopia.”

“Myopia prevention and control It has become an important part of the national health strategy.” Professor Lan Weizhong, member of the global expert group of the World Health Organization (WHO) Refractive Error Prevention and Control Program and deputy director of the Aier Institute of Ophthalmology and Optometry, said, “Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Children The “Implementation Plan for Adolescent Myopia” not only clarifies the task division of different administrative agencies, but also refines and decomposes the responsibilities of families, schools, medical institutions, and even students themselves. “I hope everyone will continue to strengthen their responsibilities and accurately grasp the key points and key points of myopia prevention and control. Solidly perform their responsibilities and jointly care for the bright future of children.”