everything in the world is cute

In midsummer, the shadows of the trees are mottled, and there is a bit of heat in the light and shadow. “The cicadas are chirping, and I suddenly feel that summer is long.” Midsummer is approaching, and everything is going on in a lively manner.

I like the smile of the earth the most at this moment. The colorful flowers are its youthful life, the lush green is its magnificent heart, and the euphemistic and pleasant insect sounds are its whispering tenderness. It’s very gratifying that being a human being is both lively and happy. Sometimes I walk under the summer night sky, with stars twinkling above my head, and cicadas chirping in my ears; sometimes I walk in a quiet forest with a quieter and gentler breathing—of flowers, of vegetation, bug’s. Those plants, those flowers, and those insects are always faithfully guarding the eternal four seasons, using colors, fragrances, and lifetimes to welcome and send them, endlessly. Those bugs that I can or can’t name, some have a short life of only a few days or a few hours, but as long as they are alive at that moment, they have that moment of joy. Thinking like this, I have a great sense of superiority when I was born as a human being, so I cherish this gift of nature even more. When I came back from climbing the mountain, I could never forget the fragrance of jujube flowers that covered the mountains and plains. The fragrance of the flowers was full of clothes, and the intoxication of the fragrance was so lingering; A large piece of dreamy hazy cloud gauze was floating; not to mention, the fat little hedgehog in the night was about to cross the road to go on a date in the grass on the opposite side, when it suddenly saw me walking by, and it quickly turned back to the green belt , that curled up body seems to say, I’m not here! I’m not here!

However, I always regret not being able to preserve these beautiful existences. Turning my mobile phone left and right can never freeze these beautiful pictures, and my head can’t get rid of the attachment to these beautiful moods when I think about it. I discovered my own limitations, my own powerlessness, my own narrow-mindedness, and even my own ignorance. There is a beautiful scene in the documentary “The Nativity of Jesus”, which has been replayed in front of my eyes for many years. Jesus looked after the lilies in the field and said to the disciples, “The lilies of the field are not planted, watered, No one takes care of fertilizing, such an ownerless flower, God is still taking care of it, taking care of everything it needs to grow, providing it with sunlight, rain, and nutrients in time, so the lily blooms beautiful flowers to repay the Creator for it. Love, but when Solomon was in great glory, what he wore was not as good as this little flower.” Because flowers have life, but the most precious clothes do not. Vitality is the most authentic and simple beauty, and it is the active vitality of this vast world that moves people the most! Beauty is full of vitality!

I love this endless life force!

All beings in the world, “Everything has a spirit, and plants and trees also have a heart.” In this world that can be touched, experienced, and felt, the clouds are idle, the wind is sweet, and the earth is hot Yes, people are hot.

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