Everyday Blindly Chinese Herbs ~ Astragalus

Efficacy and function

▶️ Nourishes qi, solidifies the surface, diureses water and reduces swelling , Toxin and pus removal

▶️ Astragalus is the dried root of the leguminous plant Astragalus mongolica or Astragalus membranaceus, excavated in spring and autumn, removed fibrous roots and root heads, and dried in the sun It is mainly produced in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Heilongjiang and other places in China.

1⃣, Yiqi and solid table: Astragalus is sweet, warm, and enters the spleen meridian. It is an essential medicine for tonifying the spleen. It can be used for weak spleen, fatigue, lack of appetite and loose stools.

2⃣, diuresis and swelling: Astragalus can not only invigorate the spleen and replenish qi to cure the root cause, but also diuretic and reduce swelling and treat the symptoms. It is an essential medicine for relieving qi deficiency and edema. It can treat spleen deficiency and dampness loss. Good luck, edema and oliguria.

3⃣ , Toxic and pus removal: Astragalus, with its qi and blood nourishing power, makes the righteous qi exuberant, and has the effect of supporting toxins, expelling pus, generating muscle and absorptive sores. It can be used with In sores, carbuncle difficult to ulcer embolism.

⭕️Suitable for people

Spleen and stomach qi deficiency, spontaneous perspiration, and chronic ulceration

❌ Taboo people

Exogenous symptoms and Yin deficiency

❌ Not to be eaten together

Southern almonds