Every weekend in summer, I will go to appreciate the lotus

“White Lotus”

Lu Guimeng [Tang Dynasty]

Suhua Duomeng, don’t be fooled,

This flower is really in the Jade Pond.

Who feels ruthless and hateful?

When the moon is clear and the wind is about to fall.

I don’t know what species this holy white lotus is. However, every time I see a white lotus flower, the idea that this flower really fits in the Jade Pond arises spontaneously.

Every time I go to the lotus pond, I am excited. Because every time I go to the lotus pond, new lotus flowers will bloom, old lotus flowers will fall out, and new ones will fill up. The whole lotus pond is actually a small society. If the pattern is good, there will be many people vying to shoot. Can be described as rushing. If the flower pattern is not good, few people care. In fact, photographing lotus flowers, if only one by one, is not very interesting. It is difficult to combine flowers and leaves, link flowers and stems, ponchos, and new lotuses to capture the artistic conception.

This white lotus flower resembles the white marble lotus seat of a Buddhist statue in a temple. In fact, sometimes flowers are like people. Where your mind is, the flowers you shoot are there.

It’s not the sad season in September. It’s not the time to shoot residual loads. During the lotus reward period, there is indeed sadness. That broken stem is a flower? Is it Pong? This sadness is all man-made.

There is always a kind of incompleteness that people can’t bear to see.

This is what a lotus pond should look like. Happily. Gives a good feeling.

The water is rolling, lining it for me, I will give you back your beautiful soul with brilliance.



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