Every trick of Baduanjin is a “blind medicine”! Please remember the corresponding symptoms of each stroke

The meridian is not smooth, then Diseases abound. How to open up the meridians, full of qi and blood?

Traditional Chinese medicine takes qi and blood as the core, especially qi and blood As the foundation, Baduanjin came into being. This kind of gymnastics, which is used to regulate the qi and blood of the viscera, restore the metabolic function, and strengthen the body, has always been loved by people and is compared to the exquisite brocade, which has eight movements, hence the name Baduanjin.

1. How long does Baduan Jin practice take to open up the meridians?

This time varies from person to person, you can take your time Feel.

Ba Duan Jin belongs to fitness Qigong does not belong to the category of martial arts, and cannot achieve the effect of “opening up the two meridians of Ren and Du, and practicing peerless martial arts”. It is mainly through the adjustment of breathing, physical activity and consciousness adjustment to achieve physical fitness, The purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

and TCM believes that When the meridians of the human body are blocked, it is easy to cause pain. After opening the meridians, it can dispel wind, cold, dampness, phlegm, silt and other evil qi, so that qi, blood and various nutrients can run normally in the meridians and reach the internal organs of the human body. , to maintain the energy balance of the limbs, the five senses, and the nine orifices, the whole body will be relaxed, and the disease will not easily occur.

That is, when When you practice Baduanjin, you feel that your body has improved, which is the process of the meridians slowly opening up.

Second, how long can I stay in water after practicing Baduanjin?

It is generally recommended that Take a shower 0.5-1 hour after Baduanjin. If you just wash your hands and face, you can do it at any time.

Because of washing face and hands , only a small area of ​​the body is exposed to water, it does not affect anything.

But after practicing Baduanjin, due to the physical If you sweat, you can’t take a bath immediately. At this time, the pores are completely open. No matter whether the water is cold or hot, it is easy for moisture to enter the body and affect the body’s functions. Long-term this can cause damage to bones and joints.

3. How long can I eat after practicing Baduanjin?

0.5- 1 hour later.

Because in the After practicing Baduanjin, the blood is mostly concentrated in the muscles of the limbs and the respiratory system, while the blood in the digestive organs is relatively small, and the digestion and absorption capacity is poor. It takes a period of time to adjust after exercise before the digestive function can gradually return to normal. Immediate eating is easy to cause. Gastrointestinal disorders, vomiting, indigestion, etc.

How long does the fourth and eighth section of Jin practice work?

Ba Duan Jin has eight movements, each of which can mobilize different parts of the body.

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Everyone’s original intention of practicing Baduanjin is different, and some people just want to Exercise, and some people want to lose weight and treat certain chronic diseases, many people only notice significant physical improvement after 3-6 months of adherence.

Everyone wants different effects, as long as you keep practicing, Do it right and your body will tell you what you get.

Five, the introduction to the Chinese version of the demo animation, one will learn it

Starting position: Practice the leg first, with the left foot open, shoulder-width apart, slightly Squat down, hold both palms in a semicircle in front of the abdomen; < /span>

Next pranayama: Breathing Breathe a few times to calm your mind and body. The recovery of each move in the National Sports version is basically this stance.


Form 1: Two-handed Tianli Sanjiao

How to do it: Separate your palms and five fingers, cross your belly in front of you, straighten your legs, and rest your palms on your chest , lift up in internal rotation, palm up, look up and look up, then stop the palm of your hand and look straight ahead. The knees are slightly bent, the arms are lowered, and the palms are held up in front of the abdomen.

This one up and down is one time, a total of 6 times .

Key points of work: Certainly The root of the palm must be pushed upwards, and the body qi will be able to rise with the help of Baihui’s leading. At the same time, the upper arm rest is basically parallel to the ear position, so that the back forms a ridge action, that is, it is in place.

“Two hands on the sky” is to lift the chest up The abdomen, pulling and stretching the waist and back, in this way, the five viscera and six fu-organs hanging on the spine and the triple burner are lifted up, the triple burner is unobstructed, and the cold, damp and turbid qi in the rainy weather is eliminated.

At the same time, the action of clipping the spine also squeezes the back of the neck Jianjing acupoint and the back of the acupuncture point, the whole Du meridian felt warm, because the yang energy was instantly lifted.

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Second Form: Left and right bows like shooting eagles

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1, Left foot left Take a step and cross your palms up in front of your chest. Two-legged horse stance, just like archery with left and right bows, the right palm is pulled to the right chest, the left palm is in the shape of the eight-shaped palm (the thumb and index finger are in the shape of the eight-shaped palm, and the other three fingers are curved) to the left, and the bow is pulled to the most rounded, eyesight. Stare at your fingertips.

2, Then shift the center of gravity to the right, draw an arc with the right hand, retract the left foot, hold both palms in front of the abdomen and step to stand. Then do it in the opposite direction, 3 times in total.

Working points: Bow left and right Not only can it announce the entire stiff shoulder. When the index finger is pulled to the most round, the fingertips of the index finger will be slightly numb. This is the Shangyang point of the large intestine meridian of the hand Yangming. It will also pull the large intestine meridian that runs along the shoulders, neck and the whole arm. Useful for people with bloating.


The third form: conditioning the spleen and stomach without having to do it alone

How to do it: Support the base of the left palm, lift it up to the upper left of the head, and press the base of the right palm down. Then the left arm drops in front of the abdomen, one left and one right three times.

Work Focus: Support When the sky is pressed against the ground, the force is on the root of the palm, and the direction of the fingertips should be opposite, so that the large intestine meridian can be fully pulled.

Pull the arms up and down, one loose and one tight, It stretches and massages the spleen and stomach, which is good for digestion and absorption. At the same time, it also pulls the liver and gallbladder of the two flanks, and releases the liver qi. People who are often depressed and angry can often do this exercise.

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Fourth Form: Looking Back < /strong>

How:Bend your legs slightly and straighten your knees, straighten your arms on both sides, rotate your palms outward, turn your head back as much as possible, look diagonally back to the left, and stop for a while. Rotate the arms back to the sides, bend the legs slightly, and look straight ahead. Do one left and one right three times.

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Form 5: Shake the head and tail to get rid of the fire

How: span>

1, Step with right foot Standing, legs slightly flexed, both palms raised on both sides, legs half-squat as a horse stance, arms down to the legs to support the knee joints.

2. Center of gravity Move to the right, lean over the top of the right foot, lower the center of gravity, and rotate the upper body to the left by the tail, passing the top of the left foot. Then the center of gravity of the body is moved back, the upper body is swayed backwards and rotated forward from right to left, and the body stands upright. Do one right and one left three times.

Focus on work: As far as possible Don’t do it at a discount. When the body is turned, make the neck and tail as long as possible, and the speed is gentle, slow and coherent. The neck should not be stiff throughout the whole process, and the jaw should not be retracted or raised deliberately, so that the neck muscles can be relaxed and stretched as much as possible. If it’s too hard, do it twice, one right and one left, and then slowly increase the number of times later.

frequent flare-ups, mouth ulcers, sore throat, People with acne breakouts are mostly fickle fires, with false fires floating on their heads and faces, and the middle and lower burners are cold and damp all year round. Often doing this action can drag the floating false fires back to the dantian and warm the kidney water.

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Sixth Form: Climb the feet with both hands to strengthen the kidney and waist


1.Stand with knees out, arms raised forward, palms Move forward and look straight ahead. Bend the elbows with both arms, palms down, press to the chest, put the palms backwards to the back, rub down the back to the buttocks, and at the same time bend the upper body forward, the palms along the legs to Feet, knees straight, looking forward and down.

2. Lift both palms forward, and the spine rises with it. One up and down is one time, 6 times in total.

Key points of work: Use a little force when massaging the back of the lower back and lower limbs with both hands, because what you are gently massaging is The bladder meridian is the first major yang meridian in the body, and this meridian must be mobilized if you want to be full of yang qi.

When you stand up, you need to use your arms to tie your body up one by one, so that you can fully pull the front and rear Rendu meridians, so that both yin and yang are nourished.


Seventh Form: Raise Your Fist and Grow Your Strength< /strong>

How: Step with your left foot to the left, step on a horse, and hold both fists at the waist, thumbs in and eyes facing upwards. The left fist rushes forward, the eyes of the fist are upward, and the eyes are glaring. Do one left and one right three times.

Work Focus:This There are many details of the exercises, such as grasping the ground with the toes, clenching the fist, and opening the eyes with anger, which can make the liver qi unblocked, the peripheral qi and blood flow around, and the whole body is full of energy.


The Eighth Form: The Seven Beasts and All Diseases Disappeared


1. Raise your heels, put your head above your head, pause for a while, and look straight ahead. Both heels dropped, shaking the ground lightly. Do it one time at a time, seven times in total.

2, Eight paragraphs The Jinshou style is gathered here: the last two palms are brought together in front of the abdomen, breathing is even, and the whole body is relaxed.

Work Focus: Heel When you rise and fall, you should practice body balance. When you rise, you should pull it up like a flat ground, grab your toes, and lift your anus to close your abdomen, so that the six fu-organs are in a tense state. When it fell, it was like an earthquake in mountains and rivers, shaking the spine and the Governor Vessel.

“Behind the Seven Dynasties” is the collection of Baduanjin Gong, which is equivalent to inducing Qi to return to the original, after doing a complete set of exercises, re-organize the body’s Qi machine, so as not to appear scattered.

Reminder: When beginners are not proficient, Just cooperate with natural and smooth breathing. Do not deliberately breathe, breathe heavily, try not to hold your breath, use abdominal breathing. As the movement is opened and skilled, the body is more able to use it by “finding” the breath in the movement.

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