Every kitchen has “one treasure”, which can sterilize and promote digestion! Be careful when choosing

Xiao Bing is currently researching “Four Famous Vinegars“, I didn’t expect The vinegar commonly used in the kitchen also has a university question.

On the Internet, it is said that vinegar has whitening, freckle-removing, and digestive-promoting effects. Is this true? Let’s quickly ask the associate researcher of the Institute of Food and Nutrition Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural AffairsZhu Hong to give us some popular science!

Experts in this issue< /span>

Vinegar contains many nutrients and functional ingredients, so it has many beneficial effects on health, helping to promote digestion, regulate blood lipids and blood sugar. But at presentno proofit has the functions of whitening and freckle removal.


Vinegar is good for your health


1Health Effects of Vinegar

acetic acid in vinegar hassterilization< /strong>Vinegar can also be used in daily life. In addition, it can help digestion, prevent colds, regulate blood lipids and blood sugar. For example, Shanxi aged vinegar contains alkaloids extracted from traditional Chinese medicine span>Chronoxine, and flavonoids Ingredients.

The world is jealous, the famous ones are Italian balsamic vinegar, Spanish Sydney vinegar, Japanese black vinegar, Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar, Yongchun Lao Vinegar, Duliu old vinegar, Baoning vinegar, etc.

2 Four Famous Vinegars in China

①Shanxi aged vinegar

It is brewed with sorghum as raw material. After seven days of fire smoking, it will have a strong roasted taste. After a long period of aging, the flavor and color are strong, and it is suitable for dumplings and pasta.


①Now there is also dumpling vinegar, which includes a variety of seasonings to be eaten with dumplings. Needs and taste choices, of course, you can also make your own.

②White vinegar is brewed with alcohol or rice, and the color is transparent , mainly with sour taste, without the roasted taste of vinegar, suitable for some cold dishes.

②Zhenjiang Balsamic Vinegar

It is brewed with glutinous rice as raw material, with a sweet taste and aroma. It is suitable for pairing with some southern dishes and seafood.

③Sichuan Baoning Vinegar< /strong>

Also called “medicinal vinegar” because it is added during the first fermentation span>Saccharification starter Daqu, also added more than a dozen traditional Chinese medicines such as Amomum, malt, hawthorn, cinnamon, angelica, ebony, and almond.

guarantee Ning vinegar can be found in the National Food Approval Centerhealth food‘s font size, which has certain health benefits.

Note: It is generally not recommended to drink vinegar directly , you can choose to add a little more to the dish, or dip more vinegar when eating dumplings.

④Fujian Yongchun Vinegar

It is brewed with grains, red yeast rice and sesame seeds. Due to the unique local brewing process and climate, its flavor is also unique.

Vinegar is produced by natural traditional fermentation process. After grain brewing and fermentation, the aldehydes, alcohols and esters in it , acids and other more than 100 kinds of aroma components together constitute a unique vinegar aroma.

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Vinegar with health benefits

The health benefits of vinegar are mainly due to the nutrients in vinegar.

1amino acid

vinegar contains more thanmore than 20< /span>amino acids, which contain 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body.

2Organic acid

It makes vinegar taste better OK, let’s absorb more nutrients.

3 flavonoids

hasantibodies Efficacy of oxidation.

4 Ligustrazine and Melanoides

These are formed during the brewing process of vinegar activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating blood lipids and blood sugar.

5 Sugar and alcohol

During the brewing process of vinegar, many Sugars and alcohols, glucose, fructose, mannitol, etc.


①High temperature will not destroy the nutrients of vinegar.

②There is sediment in the vinegar, don’t worry, it is still edible.


Share jealousy , answering questions about vinegar

1How to choose a good bottle of vinegar?

Look at the bottle label,the longer the aging time The longer, the more flavorful substances, the better it tastes and smells.

2add Is the health effect of making vinegar from miscellaneous grains stronger?

Now, according to different needs, there are certain innovations and improvements in traditional craftsmanship. For example, grains such as oats, tartary buckwheat, and black millet are used in the brewing process of vinegar to replace part of sorghum.

There are many functional ingredients in oatmeal, such as beta glucan, which have the function of regulating blood sugar and blood lipids, so oatmeal is used. Brewed vinegar also has similar physiological functions; tartary buckwheat contains rutin, inositol, etc., which is also helpful for regulating blood sugar when brewing vinegar; black millet has many antioxidant components, so there are corresponding components in the brewing process. middle.

3 Can apple cider vinegar help with bowel movements, weight loss and beauty?

From the current research, such as mouse experiments or clinical experiments, have not found clear evidence.

4 Is homemade vinegar soaked peanuts and vinegar soaked black beans safe?

Not recommended by expertsVinegar soaks food for a long time, and often opens the soaked food during consumption, there may be some harmful microorganisms, so there are certain food safety risksfood safety risks .

5vinegar Eating too much can cause calcium deficiency in the elderly?

Some people say that “the elderly should not be jealous often, otherwise the bones will become soft and Fracture.” This is amisunderstanding.

Experts told us that after ingesting vinegar, it first passes through the digestive tract, and then becomes a variety of nutrients that are absorbed by the human body. Absorbed, and does not affectbone.

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