Essay | Huang Yudie: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Text/Huang Yudie

Summer nights are so intoxicating, the breeze blows a pond of lotus fragrance, lightly scattered on the In the air, there is a kind of sadness that seems to be absent, and people don’t know where to find it. There is a thin moonlight in the sky, the path is not as dark as it used to be, and the rough lines on the trunk can be vaguely seen.

I have walked this road many times. Along the asphalt road in front of the village, along the high and low field ridges, I can come here along the fragrance of flowers. The lotus flowers in the pond bloom very strongly, but the fragrance of the lotus is still faint. The leaves and flowers seem to be in a deep sleep, and they seem to be integrated with the night in the shadow of the backlight.

Where the breeze passed, the surrounding flowers and leaves rippled in this pond, and the smashed stars scattered in the lotus pond, flowing wantonly on the shimmering water, layer upon layer. The water in the pond is not deep, and by the moonlight, you can even faintly see the few black water plants at the bottom of the pond.

There are three or two lotus flowers in the pond, but they are side by side, quietly blooming in the corner of the pond. Surrounded by bushes of different heights and a few camphor trees, under the moonlight, the slightly trembling canopy casts jagged black shadows, intertwined with my figure.

The wind stopped in an instant. The water surface was calm, and the moonlight was like flowing water, slowly pouring on the leaves and flowers, and a very light luster floated in the pond. The flowers in the water, the moon in the mirror, and the cicada’s chirping were made extra noisy on such a night, and the mind that had just been soothed became anxious again.

I stood still, staring blankly at the blue sky, as if raising my foot would break this temporary harmony. I don’t know how long I was stunned, and my fingers couldn’t help grasping the corner of the placket. How many days was this when I looked up at the night sky like this? Blinking slightly tired eyes, he found a soft grass to lie down on, and picked up a dog’s tail grass to play with.

Playing like a loop every day is tiring. Occasionally lying on such a field, looking at the night sky of the countryside, I suddenly feel relaxed and happy. The holiday, which is counted down every day, is coming to an end. Thinking that I will be involved in the tense postgraduate entrance examination atmosphere, I feel a little more uneasy when I just relax.

Gazing at the silent night sky, time seems to stand still. The moon is extraordinarily bright, fixed in the air, a distance that is not far from me but cannot be touched. The stars and the moon are so beautiful, even if they fall into the lotus pond, they will not be eclipsed, and they will emit bright and not dazzling brilliance everywhere, just like a woven beautiful dream, clean and pure, suddenly far and near.

The noise in my ears gradually became lighter, and the summer wind at night was blowing again from the lotus pond, bringing a hint of coolness. The moonlight shone through the trees and fell sparsely on the haystack beside me. The moonlight is very good, the night sky is very quiet, a faint hazy color, as if shrouded in a thin layer of clouds.

Seeing the layers of water marks appearing in the pond, my heart calmed down. The empty fields, vivid small ponds, and villages with a few lights not far away, all gave me a long-lost sense of comfort. Only in a village close to nature, on such a wide and flat field, can you enjoy this beautiful view of the full moon.

The intermittent fragrance of the lotus seemed to overflow the pond, and under the breeze, it spread to more distant places. The faint sadness that had accumulated in his heart seemed to be taken away by the wind. In retrospect, only the beauty of the starry sky and the refreshing breath are left.

The chirping of insects entangles the distant wind, the reflection of the streamer pours down, and the fragrance of the lotus is intoxicated with my thoughts.

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Huang Yudie, under the pseudonym Yuluo, studied at Zhejiang Shuren College. Many articles have been published on newspaper platforms such as “People’s Daily”, “Yanhe”, “Jiaxing Daily”, “Southwest Business Daily”, “Family Weekly” and other newspaper platforms, and his works have won many awards.

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