Escape the high temperature and come to this summer resort in Xiangxi for a refreshing summer

Summer is hot and the heat is unbearable. It’s always a little boring to stay in an air-conditioned room all day. Instead, go into nature. Walking in this world secret, feel the chic romance of summer. On the days when 35°C floats up, privately enjoy the coolness of the average summer temperature of 23°C, this is the summer resort in western Hunan: Zuolong Gorge.

Zolong Gorge is a typical canyon-like natural scenic spot. It is only separated by water from the famous Furong Town. Tourists often arrange to visit together. The entire Zuolong Gorge is formed by the wind and water erosion of nature for 3 million years; it has been secluded in the vast 100,000 mountains in western Hunan for a long time. The total length of the canyon is 6.5 kilometers, and the scenic part is about 3.5 kilometers long; the maximum drop is more than 300 meters, the width is less than ten feet, and only one person can pass through the narrow part.

In the canyon, there are dense forests and ravines, creeks and ponds all over the place, ancient vines are entwined, and cliffs are towering; A magical and beautiful landscape painting. In many places, it is hard to see the sun all year round, so even in the midsummer, you will feel the chills; in winter, you will feel a little warmer.

Zuolong Gorge has a forest coverage rate of more than 95% and is known as the “National Forest Park”. Breathing in the fresh air with high negative oxygen ions of 80,000/cm³, dancing gently in the symphony of nature, enjoying the freshness and tranquility, so that you who have been in the city for a long time can not help but feel a kind of “long stay in the cage” Here, return to nature” lamented.

The waterfalls in the gorge are of different shapes, some are volleying in the sky, some are falling in layers, and some are cascading down a thousand miles. A huge bead net, many waterfalls are like a group of charming beauties, in this cool look and feel, all manners and styles are waiting for your favor. The moisturizing mask is just as moisturizing. If you want, you can also take off your shoes, feel the coolness of the mountain spring with your feet, play a water fight game with your friends, regain your innocence, and go to a “cool” party.

According to the introduction of the staff of Silong Gorge Scenic Spot, since July today, the number of tourists in a day has been about 500 to 600 people on non-weekends and more than 1000 on weekends. people. The scenic spots are divided into canyon scenic spots and primitive sub-forest scenic spots, which can receive regular travel itineraries and special travel itineraries for field exploration. Going out through the valley, the smell of Xiangxi bacon comes out, and there are farmhouses everywhere on the top of the mountain. Eat meat in big chunks, drink in big bowls, and sing loudly.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Qin intern Li Xiang Li Yunhuan correspondent Zhang Qiming Wu Yi

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