Entertainment | Aaron Kwok and Fang Yuan’s 5th wedding anniversary! She released the beautiful wedding photos that have never been exposed

Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, married model Fang Yuan in 2017. After their marriage, the two had 2 daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte, a family of four. Life is very happy. Fang Yuan likes to share her family life on social platforms. Not only can she interact with fans and record every bit of ordinary happiness. Yesterday (18) was the 5th wedding anniversary of Aaron Kwok and Fang Yuan, and Fang Yuan was in a good mood. , and it is rare to send out a private collection of beautiful wedding photos, which has caused a heated discussion among netizens.

Yesterday was the 5th wedding anniversary of Fang Yuan and Aaron Kwok. Fang Yuan specially posted a series of photos that have not been exposed before, and wrote emotionally: Today 5 years ago, every time I look back at the photos Still so romantic. I also confessed to my husband that in the days of mutual company, it was stable but not dull, happy and long-lasting, grateful for having you, and accompanied by a love symbol to wish them a happy 5th anniversary.

Soon after Fang Yuan’s post, Aaron Kwok also reposted it on Weibo and wrote: I wish my dear wife every day a happy and happy life, and at the same time leave a little love , I saw the latest set of wedding photos, the two were talented and beautiful, and the smiles on their faces could not be hidden. Although Aaron Kwok was in his 50s at the time, he looked quite young, and many fans offered their blessings after reading it, ” Happy 5th wedding anniversary of Tianwang and Tianwang’s sister-in-law”, “No trace of time has been left for both of them”, “I really like this lovely couple”.