Enter the door and “see the sea”! Wenzhou Polar Ocean World ushered in “summer heat”

The high temperature weather of “extremely long standby” has put many places in Wenzhou into “baking mode”, and also promoted the “summer economy”. On July 22, the reporter walked into the Polar Ocean World in Wenzhou, and saw many citizens walking in the “heat wave” and feeling the “cool summer”.

The outdoor temperature was as high as 39°C that day, but the venue was “full of air-conditioning”. In the early morning, many students waited in line to enter the museum under the guidance of the teacher. The star marine creatures such as the chubby marmot, the dreamy jellyfish, and the naive polar penguin kept the children’s attention. “The weather is extremely hot this year, and the environment in our polar ocean world is relatively cool and comfortable, so since July, our passenger flow has increased significantly.” Xia Jingjing, vice president of Wenzhou Xinwen Tourism Holding Group Co., Ltd., told reporters that in July So far, the passenger flow of Wenzhou Polar Ocean World has increased by 34% compared with the same period last year. Li Yurong, who traveled with friends, came from Anhui. This time she specially chose to bring her children here to experience the “underwater world”. She said: “Because I can’t see these marine animals in my hometown, I want to take them to see them, and it’s too hot outside, so it’s cooler here.”

During the “return of the beasts” during the summer vacation, Wenzhou Polar Ocean World specially prepared a one-stop “walking baby” plan for parents, through “little breeders”, “little jellyfish nurses” and “seabed” Through research projects such as “Night Overnight”, “Little Diver” and “Little Bilingual Docent”, children can have “zero distance” contact with marine life, and learn about the ocean, walk into the ocean, and explore the ocean in an immersive learning experience. “Because the marine biological resources in our aquarium are very rich, and the marine science research courses are also in place, the summer research activities can make children entertained and provide a good place for parents to ‘walk their babies’ so that they can bring their children Come indoors to ‘see the sea’.” Xia Jingjing said.

Reporter: Zhang Xinyi, Xu Wenxing, intern Han Gu