Enshi, Hubei: Cross-provincial travel heats up

“We were ‘planted’ by the beautiful scenery of Enshi a few years ago. Now we finally have the opportunity, so we will come quickly.” Ms. Liang Jing from a Guangdong tour group has just recently finished visiting the Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei.

On June 21 this year, Hubei Province fully resumed inter-provincial team tourism, and Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture welcomed the first batch of “10,000-person groups” tourists. These tourists from Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and other provinces come to visit scenic spots such as Enshi Grand Canyon, Suobuya Stone Forest, and Nurse City, and enjoy a comfortable vacation. In the past few days, the number of tourists in Enshi Grand Canyon has been refreshed every day, and nearly 80% of them are tourists from outside the province.

Visiting scenic spots, listening to folk songs, tasting Enshi Yulu… After the Zhengyu high-speed rail line was opened, Enshi Prefecture introduced preferential policies for tickets, new research and study tours and other tourism projects to welcome summer tourism stalls, attracting tourists with high-quality tourism products. The number of tourists in scenic spots has gradually increased, and the tourism market has rapidly heated up.

In the scorching summer, Lichuan City, which is 24 degrees Celsius, is full of green eyes, making it the first choice for many tourists to escape the summer. The daily reception of Sumadang Scenic Spot in Moudao Town has exceeded 30,000. Li Junyi, director of the B&B Tourism Office in Moudao Town, told reporters that since May, the town began to deploy Yingfeng vacation work to provide a safe and comfortable vacation environment for the majority of tourists, so that everyone can truly feel the charm of the Liangcheng Lichuan.

Flying soldiers pass books, spears like forests, warriors go on expedition… At the Tusi City site in Tangya, more than 200 students are participating in research activities. Tian Lingwei, head of the research department of the Tangya Tusi City Site Base, said that recently, the number of bookings and consultations for research, parent-child, and health care teams has increased significantly. “.

In the Suobuya Stone Forest Scenic Spot in Enshi, the science and technology cultural tourism project “Enshi Shanhaijing” uses interactive image technology and digital painting technology to bring tourists an unprecedented technological journey and promote the transformation of Enshi tourism from sightseeing to immersive experience; Rural tourist attractions have carefully created experience activities with local characteristics such as parent-child paradise, catching fish and playing in the water, farm picking, starry sky camping, etc., attracting many tourists to participate…

According to the data, after the opening of inter-provincial tourism on June 21, the tourism industry in Enshi Prefecture has shown a blowout situation. Judging from the reception situation of 11 key scenic spots in Xi, Shiziguan, Pingbaying and Pingshan, a total of 197,100 tourists were received in the two weeks after the opening of the inter-provincial tour, an increase of 87.34% compared with the two weeks before the opening of the inter-provincial tour.

As the popularity of tourism continues to heat up, the “iron public aircraft” in Enshi Prefecture also set off a peak passenger flow at the same frequency. On June 20 alone, Enshi Railway Station sent 8,043 tourists. Enshi Railway Station also adjusted the railway operation map on the same day. The number of trains was adjusted to 118, and 102 trains have been resumed. At the same time, the passenger throughput of Enshi Airport on June 20 was 1,451, and on June 21, it reached 2,729, a growth rate of 88%. (Economic Daily reporters Dong Qingsen and Liu Jie)