Encountered my patient at the wedding

【Meet my patient at the wedding scene】I attended the wedding of my daughter from the same town at noon today. I met a patient I treated at the scene. He is a friend of the groom’s parents. Because he is familiar with each other, he sat down to a table.

He has uremia and has been on peritoneal dialysis for 2 years. Because there is no anemia, no heart failure, no darkening of the face caused by iron deposition in hemodialysis patients, and no arteriovenous fistula on the arm, so from the appearance, no one can tell that he is a uremia patient, or even that he is is a chronic patient.

He is in his 50s, working in a state-owned enterprise, with high quality, good compliance, and good self-management of abdominal dialysis. In fact, his work and life have not been affected in any way after peritoneal dialysis for more than 2 years. High quality of life and little impact on work are the advantages of peritoneal dialysis.

He made an exception and drank some beer during the dinner. He said that he hadn’t had a drink in 2 years, because today was a wedding banquet and he met me again, so he was very happy.

It’s definitely not good to drink, but he was having a great time today, so I didn’t stop it, even a little acquiesced.

I thought so. Medicine is warm. The purpose of medicine is not to make the patient become an alternative person, but to allow the patient to return to the social family as much as possible after treatment and return to a normal life. That beer isn’t good, but it’s not too bad, and it’s okay to have it once in a while. If I say, you can’t drink, it’s probably more harmful to make a happy person very upset.

Not sure if you agree with me.