Empowerment upgrade + professional inspection! Pingdi Public Health Center’s anti-cancer skills are delivered to the door

Reading Client·Shenzhen News NetworkApril 19, 2022 (Reporter Zhang Fan Correspondent Lu Chunru) With the acceleration of urbanization, industrialization and aging, cancer has become a It is one of the major chronic diseases that endanger the lives and health of residents. Data from the World Health Organization shows that 1/3 of cancers can be prevented. By developing good living habits and active screening, many carcinogenic factors can be avoided, and the goal of “early detection, early diagnosis and treatment” can be achieved.

Recently, the Pingdi Public Health Service Center combined with the theme of the National Cancer Prevention and Control Week to send a cancer prevention health gift package to residents in the jurisdiction.

Pingdi Public Health Center “anti-cancer health gift package” delivered to the masses

< span>Enhanced empowerment, cancer prevention knowledge is popular

Pingdi Public Health Center launched a national cancer prevention and control publicity week theme publicity activities with the theme of “early action for cancer prevention and control” in various communities in its jurisdiction . The staff introduced the concept of cancer and the list of “determined carcinogens” to the masses on the spot, and explained the “alarm” signals and physical manifestations of cancer in the early stage. The staff also guided the masses on how to improve their personal health through the use of practical “gadgets” such as “BMI dial”, “oil limit bottle”, “salt reduction spoon” and so on. The development of behavioral habits to achieve the goal of scientific anti-cancer.

Auntie Wang said with a smile after listening to the staff’s explanation: “I received this weight turntable before, but I didn’t know how to use it or how to monitor my weight. Today, the staff made it very clear, 18.5 -23.9 Green Zone is the healthiest.”

The staff of Pingdi Public Health Center explained cancer prevention knowledge on the spot

The staff of Pingdi Public Health Center instructs the masses to carry out weight monitoring

Professional examination, early body signals I know

Pingdi Public Health Center, in conjunction with the District No. 6 Hospital and its subordinate social health center, organizes professional medical examiners to provide free medical examination services to the people in the area. During the medical examination, the doctors introduce common tumors to the public. Relevant test items for early screening, inform the public to cause common symptoms such as “superficial lumps, darkened moles, persistent ulcers, persistent digestive tract symptoms, changes in stool characteristics, and progressive weight loss”. Pay attention and guide the masses to go to regular hospitals for corresponding screening, so as to achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

The doctor of Pingdi Public Health Center introduced: “The secondary prevention of cancer is the ‘three early’s’, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment, that is, cancer screening, early diagnosis and early treatment. High-risk groups of cancer can pass many A simple and quick screening method for early screening. Don’t forget that quitting smoking, limiting alcohol, controlling weight, eating healthy, and exercising in daily life are the foundation of cancer prevention.”

Experts from the Sixth District Hospital conducted free clinics and physical examinations for the masses

Next, the Pingdi Public Health Center will be deployed in accordance with the Healthy China Strategy , Combined with the healthy Shenzhen activities, carry out activities such as entering health knowledge into institutions, schools, communities, and enterprises, popularize health knowledge, practice healthy behaviors, improve health literacy, and be a good “health gatekeeper” for the masses.