Elevated levels of this indicator increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and death! Taking folic acid actually works!

“I’m only in my 30s, so young, not only has the “three highs” but also the “fourth highest”, but don’t let your body break down! You must pay attention to it , Hurry up to quit smoking and drinking, eat healthy, exercise and lose weight!” Xiao Liu was reminded by the doctor during the medical examination organized by the company.

Xiao Liu recalls his years in the company, he spent almost all of his entertainment or overtime, and he never left his body with tobacco and alcohol. Every party is a mixture of liquor and beer, and it will last until the middle of the night. The supper is either skewered or barbecued. The three meals a day are never regular, and the eating habits are terrible! On weekdays, I don’t exercise much, and I don’t even have many opportunities to walk. I either drive or take a taxi to and from get off work, and when I go home, it’s “Ge You Lie”. If it wasn’t for the “four highs” found in this physical examination, Xiao Liu probably hadn’t awakened and started to pay attention to his physical health!

After the physical examination, Xiao Liu also took the initiative to check some information on the “four highs” on the Internet, and found that most of the “four highs” were closely related to lifestyle. Such as unhealthy eating habits, inactivity, obesity, staying up late, high stress, smoking and drinking, etc., are all high-risk factors that induce the “four highs”. In order to prevent and cure the “four highs”, tobacco and alcohol must be quit, and even if the indicators are controlled within the normal range through drugs, they must adhere to a healthy life.

There are many friends like young and old. Don’t let it go. The risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will be higher in the future.

I believe that the “three highs” are not unfamiliar to everyone, and are the general term for the three diseases of hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

What is the “fourth highest”? If you take a blood test for homocysteine ​​and find that the index is 10umol/L higher, this is what we call the “fourth highest”, also called “hyperhomocysteinemia”.

Elevated homocysteine ​​will significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially the risk of cerebral infarction. Compared with people without elevated homocysteine, If homocysteine ​​is elevated in people with high blood pressure, the risk of cerebral infarction may increase by 30 times, so this fourth highest must be paid attention to!

What can I eat to control hyperhomocysteinemia?

A lack of folic acid in the body can lead to an increase in homocysteine. It can be seen that folic acid supplementation is the most direct way, and food supplementation is the first choice.

So which foods are relatively high in folic acid? Such as chicken liver, seaweed, red amaranth, pork liver, mung beans, soybeans, spinach, chrysanthemum, eggs, walnuts, garlic sprouts, pistachios, strawberries and so on. But to remind everyone that the liver cholesterol content is high, it is not recommended to eat it regularly. It is recommended to supplement folic acid from vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, as well as a variety of dietary fibers, vitamins and other nutrients.

If you cannot reduce homocysteine ​​to the normal range through diet, you may need to take folic acid tablets to control homocysteine.

According to the “Multidisciplinary Expert Consensus on Reasonable Supplementation of Folic Acid in China”, it is recommended that if you have hyperhomocysteinemia and high blood pressure, it is recommended to take folic acid tablets; if you are hyperhomocysteinemia Cysteinemia, recent ischemic cerebrovascular disease, or some family history of cardiovascular disease, folic acid supplementation can also be considered. It is generally recommended to take 0.8mg folic acid tablets per day, and the specific medication needs to be taken according to the doctor’s advice.

In short, we still need to persuade everyone to develop a good lifestyle, which is also an important means of preventing the “four highs”.