Eating two or three pieces of vinegar soaked ginger every day is good for the body, is it health preservation or “pseudoscience”? The old Chinese medicine tells you the answer

We need to eat a variety of foods for three meals a day. Through these foods, we can provide the body with the energy and nutrients it needs to make the body stronger. Therefore, a long time ago in our country, there was a saying of “food tonic”. After reading various medical books and classics, there are a lot of records about “food tonic”.

For example, in the season just after the dog days, traditional Chinese medicine says that this kind of environment is suitable for “cleaning and tonic”. “, try not to warm and nourish, and the refreshing and delicious vinegar soaked ginger has become the favorite of the “health family” in this season.

Why is ginger soaked in vinegar the first choice for many people? Next, the editor will take you to uncover its mysterious veil.

Ginger soaked in vinegar, as the name suggests, is mainly a food made of ginger. Ginger is one of the essential seasonings in the kitchen. First, no matter men, women or children, they are not unfamiliar. Ginger is a perennial herb. Due to its strong spicy taste, adding some ginger to other cuisines can actually remove the fishy smell and enhance the taste.

The reason why ginger can be passed down for thousands of years is still loved by everyone, in addition to being one of the condiments, a big reason is the dietary supplement of ginger Strong effect. Many ancient celebrities loved ginger even more. For example, the familiar sage Confucius was very fond of ginger. In the “Analects of Confucius”, it was recorded that Confucius “did not remove ginger, and did not eat much”.

In “Injury and Miscellaneous Diseases”, many prescriptions have Use ginger.

Ginger has a strong tonic effect. The key reason is that ginger can not only appetize and strengthen the spleen, but also expel cold and dehumidify. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, ginger has are respected by Chinese medicine practitioners.

But eating too much ginger may cause anger, so when people eat ginger, they usually mix it with vinegar to make Vinegar soaked ginger, under the acidic effect of vinegar, the original spicy taste of ginger has also been removed a lot, but it tastes more sour and spicy, very delicious.

As more and more people take vinegar soaked ginger as the main food for their daily health , so many people have raised doubts: Is it really good to eat some vinegar soaked ginger every day, will it cause other problems?

So, eating two or three pieces of vinegar soaked ginger every day is good for the body, is it health preservation or “pseudoscience”? The old Chinese doctor has told the truth!

The old Chinese doctor said: Vinegar and ginger are both very common daily foods. When the two are combined, the sour taste of vinegar can neutralize the spicy taste of ginger. Vinegar itself has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. The effect, combined with ginger, can help improve many physical problems and enhance the health preservation effect. Therefore, eating some vinegar soaked ginger is beneficial to health preservation, and it is not a pseudoscience.

The old Chinese medicine doctor continued to say: eat two or three pieces of vinegar every day Soaking ginger will make the body reap the following three benefits!

First, it helps to relieve the exterior and dispel the cold< /strong>

In this hot season, many people spend most of their time in air-conditioned rooms, plus they like to eat cold drinks These foods can lead to increased moisture in the body. And eating some vinegar soaked ginger properly can play a role in relieving the exterior and dispelling cold.

Because ginger itself is a warm food, coupled with its strong spicy taste, it can make people sweat after eating and accelerate the metabolism in the body , which can be specifically used for stomach-cold, wind-cold cold and other diseases. In addition, vinegar has the effect of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal. Combining it with ginger can help improve stomach cold and expel excess moisture from the body.

Second, promote gastrointestinal digestion

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In this season, due to the weather, many people’s stomach is not very good, and eating some vinegar soaked ginger properly can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, plus a moderate amount The vinegar, which contains most of the acetic acid, can also play a role in promoting gastrointestinal digestion.

In this season, for the elderly with a slow basal metabolic rate, or people with poor physical fitness, you can eat some vinegar soaks in moderation Ginger can improve some constipation and other problems.

Third, help with beauty

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“Everyone has a love for beauty”. For young men and women who love beauty today, they all want to have a good skin condition, and the skin condition is not good. The good usually is that there are too many toxins built up in the skin. At this time, it is appropriate to eat some vinegar soaked ginger,While helping to condition the body, it can also remove some toxins in the skin, leaving a radiant complexion.

Through the above three explanations given by the old Chinese medicine practitioner, we must understand , For the vast majority of people, it is indeed beneficial to our body to eat some vinegar soaked ginger properly, but people with hot constitution should eat as little as possible.

So, since vinegar soaked ginger has so many health effects, many people think: vinegar and ginger are both in daily life. Can’t you just make the common ingredients at home? In fact, if you want to exert the health-preserving effect of vinegar soaked ginger, you must strictly match the proportions of vinegar and ginger, and you must select high-quality materials to maximize the On the play the role of vinegar pickled ginger.

But there are so many vinegar pickled gingers on the market, many people are afraid Choose the vinegar soaked ginger that does not meet the standard. For this reason, we recommend this vinegar soaked ginger made of ready-made Tongling white ginger. This vinegar soaked ginger has been passed down for many years and is a local characteristic industry. Every process is checked at every level. Each piece of vinegar pickled ginger is carefully brewed.

It is made by a master with decades of experience, according to a certain proportion, after 40 days of soaking and fermentation.

Tongling white ginger is a national geographical indication product and has the reputation of “Chinese white ginger”. Vinegar is the best.

And the scent of vinegar melts into the ginger, and the ginger also becomes soft. Through the acidity of vinegar, ginger becomes peaceful and more suitable for consumption. There is no need to worry that it will get hot after eating, and there is no need to worry that ginger is too spicy to be eaten.

People who don’t like ginger say it’s really delicious!

It’s crispy when you take a bite, and the ginger slices are very fresh and tender, and after soaking the ginger with the best vinegar, the spicy taste of the ginger is just right, but there is a scent of mature vinegar, sour and sweet. Sweet, it can definitely stimulate your taste buds!

If you like porridge for breakfast, you might as well have a few slices of vinegar and ginger, and you will definitely have a meal! And often eat ginger in the morning, it is very good for the body to keep out the cold!

And vinegar pickled ginger is still a good seasoning, whether it is eaten with noodles or added to other dishes, it will only make the food more delicious and make your mouth water!

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It is said that “Eating three slices of ginger in the morning is better than drinking ginseng soup.” If you feel cold in your stomach, often with cold hands and feet, and easily catch a cold, eat three slices in the morning. , It’s very comfortable to eat in the stomach.

You only need a meal to buy such a vinegar pickled ginger, whether you eat it yourself or your family and friends, it is a The best choice!

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