Eating this kind of fruit does not increase blood sugar but decreases? Here comes the truth

Now is the season for lychees to be marketed. Many people love to eat this sweet and hydrating fruit, and some people even appear after eating a lot of lychees. Hypoglycemia (lychee disease), the sugar content of lychee is not low, what is going on?

What is “Lychee Disease”?

the “lychee disease” that modern medicine thinks is actually a A kind of “hypoglycemia”, which occurs when certain groups of people eat lychees. The main symptoms are digestive tract discomfort, severe hypoglycemia, convulsions, shock and other symptoms due to hypoglycemia.

Fructose is the “culprit” of lychee disease

lychee disease occursThe main cause is Fructose. An animal comparison experiment of fructose tolerance and glucose tolerance has been done, and it was found that a low peak of glucose occurred 1 hour after fructose injection, and the glucose concentration at this time was significantly lower than the concentration level before injection. Through experiments, we can know that a large amount of fructose intake may indeed lead to lower blood sugar.

Who is at risk of lychee disease?

Introduced by experts, the incidence of “Lychee disease” is mostly in children, and children aged 4-11 are overdosed. Eating lychees is easy to get “lychee disease”, and children should pay special attention to eating lychees.

Experts also said that the high sugar content of lychee will stimulate the increase of insulin in the body, and insulin is hypoglycemic.

When the human body is in a fasting state, blood sugar is lower than usual. If a large amount of lychee is eaten, it will further lead to a drop in blood sugar and cause certain damage to the body. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat lychee on an empty stomach.

Do you think that eating lychees can lower blood sugar? In fact, not necessarily, let’s see the truth together?

Low blood sugar does not equal lower blood sugar

Although a large amount of lychee is consumed Symptoms of hypoglycemia, but this does not mean that diabetics can choose this hypoglycemic method, which does not mean lowering blood sugar.

Therefore, it is not reliable to use lychee to lower blood sugar, but it will aggravate the condition of diabetes. There are three reasons.

First, the cause of diabetes is mostly a problem with the endocrine system that secretes insulin in the body. Lychee is not a medicine and cannot solve the problem of insulin secretion.

Second, excessive consumption of lychee will cause hypoglycemia in a short period of time, but over time fructose will still be converted into glucose, so that blood sugar does not drop but rises.

Third, more than 60% of diabetic patients have hyperlipidemia, and eating a lot of fructose will cause hyperlipidemia, resulting in a vicious circle.

How Sugar Friends Eat Lychees >

So how should lychees be eaten? Four points to pay attention to:

1. Eat fully ripe lychees;

2. “Appropriate amount” is fundamental;

3. Refuse fasting Eat;

4. Special groups with diabetes, gout, digestive system diseases and other problems should eat less.

The sugar content of lychees is not low (>10%). If you have a good blood sugar control and want to eat lychees, you can only eat a small amount to satisfy your hunger. Lychee should preferably not exceed 80 grams. Do not eat on an empty stomach, choose between meals.

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