Eating eggs and milk for breakfast often causes cancer? Reminder: These 2 kinds of breakfast are really necessary to eat less

Xiao Meng is 22 years old this year. She just graduated from university and started working. She had a bright future beckoning, but she was diagnosed with acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis due to severe upper abdominal pain.

Although he cooperated with the doctor to actively carry out treatment, he still did not escape the fate of removing the gallbladder. When asked about the cause of the disease, the doctor analyzed It was caused by not eating breakfast for a long time. It turned out that Xiaomeng didn’t want to get up early during school, and often skipped breakfast. They waited until noon to have lunch together. After listening to the doctor’s answer, Xiao Meng regretted a lot, but it didn’t help.

1. What happens to the body if you skip breakfast for a long time?

Many people just skip breakfast because they want to sleep in for a while, but you know what? The habit of skipping breakfast for a long time is not good, so what will happen to the body if you skip breakfast for a long time?

A study from The Ohio State University School of Medicine found that skipping breakfast can cause the body to miss out on nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, fiber, and minerals from food.< /span>causing adults to be undernourished throughout the day.

In addition to causing malnutrition, skipping breakfast for a long time may bring the following risks.

1. Causes gastrointestinal discomfort

Li Yi, chief physician of the Department of Nutrition, Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital It is pointed out that after a night of sleep, some gastric acid will be secreted in the stomach. If you do not eat breakfast for a long time, the gastric acid cannot be neutralized by food, which may repeatedly stimulate the gastric mucosa, and it is easy to induce gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases for a long time.

2. Causes cognitive decline

The human brain needs to absorb glucose through circulating blood to ensure the normal operation of the brain. If you do not eat breakfast for a long time, the brain cannot take in glucose in time, which will lead to a decline in learning and cognitive ability.

3. Increase the risk of gallstones

If you skip breakfast for a long time, bile will accumulate in the gallbladder It will be stored for a long time, and it may form crystals and even induce gallstones for a long time.

4. Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

Long-term skipping breakfast can lead to Longer fasting time can lead to increased blood pressure in the morning, and may also cause hormone disorders in the body, leading to overeating, affecting blood lipid levels in the body, and even increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Second, are eggs and milk the favorite breakfast of cancer cells?

Many people have the habit of drinking milk and eating eggs for breakfast.

There are rumors on the market that drinking too much milk can cause cancer, Chen Junshi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Claiming this statement is false, the dietary guidelines recommend that drinking a glass of milk a day is appropriate, and there is no cancer-causing phenomenon.

There have been rumors before that, after the yolk of a boiled egg turns green, eating it will cause cancer.

In this regard, Zhong Kai, Ph.D., Food Safety, Food and Nutrition Information Clearinghouse points out , The color of the egg yolk is related to the cooking time, and the color may become darker after a long time. The greening of the egg yolk is related to the sulfur-containing amino acids in the egg. After a long time, hydrogen sulfide will be released. After combining with the iron element in the egg yolk, it may produce ferrous sulfide, causing the egg yolk to turn green.

Third, cancer cells love to eat breakfast, actually these two kinds

< p>We all know that cancer is related to people’s eating habits. The following two breakfasts may be the favorite breakfasts of cancer cells.

1. Deep-fried food

Some fried foods like fritters, fried chicken legs, etc. Food, when fried at high temperature, may produce carcinogens such as benzopyrene and heterocyclic amine. Eating too much is not good for the body.

2. Pickles

Pickles are heavy-taste pickled foods that contain nitrous acid Once salt enters the human body, it is likely to synthesize carcinogenic nitrosamines, which will repeatedly stimulate the stomach, induce gastric diseases, and even gastric cancer.

A healthy breakfast should be rich in variety, nutritious and reasonably matched, such as dairy products, vegetables and fruits, cereals, meats , eggs are not less.

It is not a wise choice to skip breakfast in order to save trouble and sleep in late. If you skip breakfast for a long time, it may lead to malnutrition. It can even induce some physical diseases, so you must eat breakfast regularly and ensure a healthy and balanced nutrition.


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