Eating 200 sticks is equivalent to taking a chest X-ray? This radiant fruit makes people happy to eat

Let’s just say, the benefits of bananas are too numerous to count.

As we all know, the elderly, children, and people with bad teeth can eat it. Constipation, eat it for laxative. When you are hungry, eat it and you will be full quickly.

There is one more thing you may not know, bananas even have a name – happy fruit! Eating bananas can actually bring happiness.

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Although, the banana There are so many benefits, but if you eat it for decades, you must not know that bananas actually have radiation! Is it safe to eat bananas?

Does eating bananas make you happier?

Banana, originally a “high potassium fruit“, contains per 100 grams Potassium 286-428 mg, and the mineral potassium itself can maintain normal blood pressure and heartbeat, which can help the body prevent blood pressure and muscle cramps; in addition, the magnesium< in bananas /strong>The content is also remarkable (14.60-40.70mg/100g), and magnesium just has the effect of eliminating fatigue.

In addition, tryptophan contained in bananas can itself be converted into serotonin, and serotonin It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which when ingested will make the body quieter, promote calmness, and reduce pessimism.

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Not only that, Banana itself is rich in carbohydrates, which can be quickly converted into glucose and absorbed by the body after entering the body, this substance is a “fast energy source”, so it can be used when the body is tired and depressed. Eating a banana can quickly replenish physical strength and relieve mood.

Banana is a delicious and nutritious fruit. In addition to basic energy-supplying nutrients, bananas are also rich in riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, As well as nutrients such as vitamin C, each 100 grams of bananas contains 60 micrograms of carotene.

Spotted bananas are poisonous and should not be eaten?

When you buy bananas, you may find that “many bananas have black spots”, and there are rumors that “such bananas cannot be eaten, It is poisonous to eat.”

In fact, there are two main reasons for the spots on the banana skin or the darkening of the banana skin.

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One is “Natural oxidation of banana peel”, when banana epidermal cells are bumped by the outside world or in a low temperature environment (frozen), the outer cell membrane will be damaged, and then the outer cell membrane will be damaged. Carbon oxide will inevitably come into contact with oxygen. After oxidation, it will turn black, and small spots on the outer skin will be produced.

Second, bananas are also prone to black spots after being “sick” (anthrax), This kind of problem is caused by the infection of bananas with “Ceratocystis spp.”, which is basically a “fungal disease”. But don’t worry, this kind of bacteria is insulated from humans and will not infect the human body and affect health.

In other words, even if the banana has black spots, don’t panic, the two factors mentioned above will not cause harm to the human body. If the banana has a partial blackening of the banana skin (or there are small black spots), as long as the internal pulp has no problems such as deterioration, you can eat it with confidence.

Eating bananas is actually radioactive?

Banana does emit radiation.

The so-called radiation actually comes from the “mineral potassium” contained in bananas. Banana is a fruit rich in potassium, and it contains A small amount of “potassium” is radioactive “potassium-40”; but it does not mean a lot, and the dose is so small that it will not cause harm to the human body.

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How much radiation It is related to the “dose”, so relying on this “a little bit” in bananas will not cause any harm to the body, so bananas can be eaten with confidence.

How can bananas be stored so that they don’t turn black?

  • Foundation principle: Eat and buy fresh food is safer and more nutritious span>; To buy bananas, it is recommended to buy a small amount at a time, preferably within two days.
  • It is more suitable to store at room temperature. Relevant experiments show that:13℃The temperature around is the best storage temperature for bananas; bananas stored at room temperature ripen more slowly and are less likely to turn black than those stored in the refrigerator.
  • If possible, hang the bananas for better ventilation, so that the vinyl can move with the wind Disappears faster and delays fruit senescence.
  • The rhizomes that wrap the bananas during storage. Since ethylene is the fundamental substance that causes the banana skin to turn black, as the bananas mature, more and more ethylene will be released, controlling the bananas. The surrounding ethylene can slow down its ripening rate.
  • Most of the ethylene comes from the rhizomes of bananas. Wrap the rhizomes with plastic wrap to prolong The preservation time is about a week.

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Although the blackened bananas don’t look so cute and will produce a negligible amount of radiation, you can still eat them with confidence.

Expert in this article: Wang Silu, National Senior Food Inspector, Internal Auditor of HACCP Food System of the People’s Republic of China

< p>Review of this article: Dr. Tao Ning, Associate Professor, National Research Institute

Liu Shaowei, food safety expert, former East China Deputy Director and Professor, Research Center for Food and Drug Administration, Polytechnic University

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