Eat less potatoes and pumpkin in spring, eat more of this dish, only 3 yuan 1 catty to nourish the liver, improve eyesight and detoxification, cheap and delicious

In March, spring returns to the earth, all things recover, and there are vibrant scenes everywhere. At this time, the liver qi of the body is vigorous, which affects the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the diet should be light, and the focus of health care is to nourish the liver. Chinese medicine believes that green can enter the liver meridian, so green vegetables are the best spring food. May wish to eat more, enhance the liver’s detoxification function and resistance, prevent bacterial invasion and reduce disease.

The health benefits of vegetables are widely recognized. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc., which can provide our body with the nutrients we need, and can also effectively enhance the body’s resistance and immunity. It has the effect of prolonging life, preventing and curing diseases. In spring, all plants produce fresh buds, and there are many edible spring buds, such as toona sinensis, garlic sprouts, pea tips, bean sprouts, etc., which are delicious and nutritious at the right time.

As the saying goes, “eat bean sprouts in spring”, pea tip, named after the tip of pea sprout, is a plant that can both harvest bean tips and form pods. Pea tips are rich in nutrients, rich in vitamins C, E, calcium, iron and other minerals, carotene, dietary fiber and other nutrients. Regular consumption can clear the liver and detoxify, improve eyesight, calcium supplement, whitening, detoxification and slimming. Pea tips have tender stems and leaves and are delicious. They can be stir-fries, salads, shabu-shabu, or stir-fry with meat and vegetarian ingredients. In spring, eat less potatoes and pumpkins, and eat more of this dish, which is only 3 yuan per catty. It nourishes the liver, improves eyesight and detoxifies, which is cheap and delicious. Today I use it to fry with the fungus of the “colon cleanser”. Fungus is the perfect match. It can be cooked in 5 minutes. It’s simple, nutritious, cheap and delicious, and you’ll never get tired of it. Spring Festival Gala may wish to have such a small stir-fried dish for gastric lavage.

[Fried pea tips with fungus]

Materials: 1 plate of pea tips, 1 small handful of black fungus, 3 cloves of garlic , appropriate amount of oil and salt

Preparation work: 1. Prepare the raw materials; 2. Boil the water, add a little salt; 3. Put the soaked black fungus into the pot and blanch the water 2 minutes, take it out for use; 4. Heat the pot, add an appropriate amount of oil, add minced garlic, put it in the pot and stir-fry until fragrant; 5. Pour the black fungus that has been blanched into the pot and stir-fry twice; 6 . Add pea tips, stir fry over high heat; 7. Add a little salt to taste; 8. Put it on a plate.

Tips: 1. Soak the black fungus in cold water in advance, blanch for 2 minutes, remove and set aside; 2. Put the pea tips into the pot and stir fry quickly over high heat to avoid nutrition churn.

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