Eat a piece of “candy” to sleep until dawn? An operator in Haicang, Xiamen, who sold “deep sleep tablets” online was investigated


Taihai Net, April 19th (Straits Herald reporter Lin Shaorong correspondent Lan Yanping) Obviously it’s just “candy”, but It was advertised as having the effect of treating insomnia. With such false content, the operator involved was put on file for investigation.

Recently, Haicang District Xinyang Market Supervision and Management Office inspected the advertising behavior of operators in its jurisdiction based on the report of advertising monitoring clues, and found that an e-commerce operator was selling a product on the Pinduoduo platform. A product called “Deep Sleeping Tablets”. The sales page promotes advertisements such as “one tablet before bed, deep sleep, and sound sleep; 30 years of insomnia, one tablet is enough”, and on the details page, it is even claimed that deep sleep tablets have the effect of treating insomnia.

Then the question is, deep sleep tablets, can really treat insomnia and improve sleep? Is this deep sleep tablet a health supplement or a medicine?

Law enforcement officers inspected the product box, and the label showed that the product type was “tablet candy”, the product ingredients were sorbitol, maltodextrin, camel milk powder, etc., and the outer packaging was not marked with health food With the “blue hat” logo, it is clear that the product is only ordinary food, not health food or medicine.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, the treatment of insomnia is the effect that can only be promoted by drugs, and the improvement of sleep is the effect that can be promoted by health food. Article 17 of the “Advertising Law” stipulates that, with the exception of advertisements for medical treatment, medicines, and medical devices, any advertisements that involve the function of treating diseases are prohibited, and medical terms or terms that are easy to confuse the products being promoted with drugs and medical devices are not allowed. The first paragraph of Article 73 of the “Food Safety Law” stipulates that the content of food advertisements shall be true and legal, shall not contain false content, and shall not involve the functions of disease prevention and treatment. At the same time, the “Measures for the Investigation and Punishment of Online Food Safety Illegal Acts” also has relevant provisions on this. Among them, Article 17 (2) stipulates that online food producers and operators shall not publish online non-health food information that expressly or implicitly has health care functions. Obviously, the “deep sleeping tablets” pressed candy pages sold by the operators in the platform stores promote advertising content involving disease prevention, treatment functions, and health care functions, which violates the above laws and regulations.

Warm reminder: Tablet candy is a category of ordinary prepackaged food, as long as “tablet candy” is written in the name, it will definitely not be medicine or health food. If the product is an ordinary food, it has no specific health care function or therapeutic effect, and consumers should not believe it.