Easy to have “hotel same style”? Beware that enjoyment is not bad

For many people, the fun of travel lies not only in visiting scenic spots and experiencing the local customs, but also in fully enjoying the comfortable environment of the hotel and spending a leisure time comfortably.

Because of being unable to travel abroad, some middle-aged and elderly people have turned their attention to “hotel-same-style” products sold online, hoping to relive the joy of travel. Aunt Zheng is one of them. Unexpectedly, these “same style” products not only did not give Aunt Zheng a “high-end enjoyment”, but sent her to the hospital instead.

Beware of “Three No Products”

Aunt Zheng had a dream of traveling all over the world when she was young. She often talks to her family: “I’m going to travel around the world after I retire.” In 2020, Aunt Zheng finally waited to retire, but she didn’t expect the epidemic to come. In the blink of an eye, more than two years have passed, but Aunt Zheng’s dream of traveling around the world has never been realized, and it is very boring at home every day.

One day, Aunt Zheng was pulled into a WeChat group by an old sister. The other party told her that the group sells “good things”, and that you can enjoy the same products from high-end hotels at home. “It’s so enjoyable to take a bath with these body washes, just rub it in and the bubbles will pop out in a flash!”

Under the persuasion of the group of friends, Aunt Zheng purchased the “hotel same style” handmade soap which claims to contain “various active factors and precious Chinese herbal medicines”. After receiving the handmade soap, she found that there was neither the manufacturer nor the product ingredients and other information on the outer packaging. “Is it a ‘three no products’?” Aunt Zheng thought to herself.

That night, Aunt Zheng, who was itching, still took a bath with handmade soap. The next morning, she found red spots on her body, accompanied by burning and itching, which was very uncomfortable. A few days later, Aunt Zheng’s symptoms became more severe, and peeling and breakage appeared in the scratching area.

Aunt Zheng came to the dermatology department with a few pieces of handmade soap left over. According to Aunt Zheng’s skin condition, the doctor considered contact dermatitis. Aunt Zheng asked suspiciously, “Why did you get contact dermatitis after taking a shower?”

Actually, in outpatient clinics, several cases of contact dermatitis caused by the use of skin care products or cosmetics are admitted every month, and some of them are due to the use of masks, creams, soaps, bath balls and other products of unknown origin. In non-compliant products, the ingredients themselves are a mystery, and allergens are even more complex.

Pay attention to the product’s “origin”

Remind everyone to pay attention to the “origin” of skin care products or cosmetics before using them. Consumers can carefully check whether the product has a formal production batch number, manufacturer and other information. It is recommended to use products prepared by beauty institutions with caution and do a skin test before use.

Human skin has strong self-renewal, metabolism, protection and other functions. Therefore, it is very important to protect the skin barrier. To put it simply, when the physical barrier, chemical barrier, and microbial barrier of the skin are damaged, the skin will experience some symptoms of redness, swelling, tingling, and itching, followed by various skin problems.

Remind beauty lovers that during daily skin care, it is not recommended to over-cleanse the skin and wash your face with lukewarm water. It is not advisable to use the mask too frequently, 2-3 times a week. When using cosmetics or skin care products that have never been used before, you can do a simple skin allergy test first: apply the product behind the ear or inside the forearm, observe for 24 to 48 hours, and use it if there is no abnormality.

If you have eczema, urticaria and other lesions, and if you have repeated attacks, long-term cure, or you suspect that you are allergic to certain ingredients, you can go to the hospital for a patch test, which may help us identify product ingredients that are prone to allergies. Try to avoid this ingredient when purchasing products in the future.

(Healthy China)