During surgical anesthesia, the patient asked: Is there any euthanasia?

In 8 minutes, the lung tumor was burned to death!

This is not a myth, but a recent case. “Hunan Daily” reported a miraculous case of treatment. 81-year-old Daddy Peng was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. His lung function was relatively poor, and he was too old to accept traditional surgery.

My condition is very bad, can I just watch Daddy Peng die? The doctor introduced a new treatment method without surgery – microwave ablation.

During the treatment, the doctor inserted a special microwave ablation needle into the tumor and heated it immediately. The high temperature generated quickly made the tumor necrotic. The whole process only lasted for 8 minutes. Daddy Peng was not uncomfortable. After the CT review, the tumor in Dad Peng’s lungs has been completely ablated.

First, use high temperature to burn cancer cells, what is microwave ablation?

The tumor can be scalded to death just by using high temperature. What is the magic technology?

Luo Bin, Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University said that microwave ablation is a minimally invasive surgery, mainly for local treatment of tumors. Using imaging assistance, the microwave ablation needle is punctured from the skin to the tumor lesion, and then heated to 80°C for a typical duration of 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the size of the tumor) Under the action of high temperature, the cancer cells will undergo protein denaturation, and the tumor will undergo coagulation necrosis, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Compared with traditional therapy, microwave ablation has many advantages:

1. Precise positioning to kill tumors

In Under the guidance of ultrasound equipment, the position and depth of dynamic needle placement can be observed in real time, and the power, time, and range of the needle can be precisely controlled by professional doctors, which can precisely strike tumors.

2. Minimally invasive, the wound is only the size of a pinhole

Only the diameter is used during the treatment A 2mm “needle” leaves less than a 2mm incision on the skin, no need for stitches and no scarring.

3. Lower price

Comparatively speaking, the cost of microwave ablation technology is lower, and most patients can afford it.

4. The patient recovers quickly

The whole procedure generally only takes 5~10 minutes, and the patient can get out of bed 2~4 hours after the operation Activity.

After learning about microwave ablation technology, many people still have no idea about it, and it is unclear what cancer this therapy can be applied to. Don’t worry, Xiao Ai will answer it for you.

Second, the question is, which patients can use microwave ablation?

Microwave ablation has a relatively wide range of indications and is suitable for various solid tumors throughout the body, including liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, bone metastases, lung cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer , etc., and can be used for cancer pain relief. Currently, it is generally used for liver cancer and lung cancer in clinical practice.

This therapy is mainly suitable for these patients:

①advanced tumor patients who have lost the opportunity for surgery; Patients with advanced tumors;

③patients with recurrence after traditional treatment; Patients;

⑤Some old and frail patients who are unable to undergo surgery.

Since microwave ablation technology is so widely used and has many advantages, why not use it as the main means of cancer treatment?

Third, microwave ablation is not a panacea, not all cancers can be used

Although microwave ablation technology is powerful, it is not suitable for all cancer patients receive treatment. Taking lung cancer as an example, some patients with severe pulmonary fibrosis, especially drug-induced pulmonary fibrosis; patients with infection around the lesion and radiation inflammation not well controlled , infection and ulceration occurred near the punctured skin; the patient had a clear bleeding tendency, severe coagulation disorder in vivo; patients with extensive extrapulmonary metastasis, life expectancy <3 months, etc. None of these patients were candidates for microwave ablation techniques.

What is currently advocated clinically is multidisciplinary discussion and comprehensive treatment. In many cases, both surgeons and microwave ablation can be seen on the operating table. In this regard, we must have a correct attitude, not blindly follow a certain treatment method, but choose under the guidance of professional doctors.

Seeing this, many people are a little “brain-opened”, saying that cancer cells are very afraid of heat, so can’t we let the body have a fever to burn the cancer cells to death? Is this method feasible?

Third, extended reading: Cancer cells are so afraid of heat, can they be killed by fever?

Of course not! Normal cells can withstand high temperature at 47℃ for 1 hour, while cancer cells are prone to irreversible damage at 43℃.

But this does not mean that fever can burn cancer cells! Chen Yijian, Institute of Antibiotics, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University said that a short-term fever can make the body mobilize immune cells in the body, and defense systems such as body cells and body fluids will be mobilized to kill foreign germs. In the case of external forces, the immune system can reduce the body’s fever.

Once you have a fever for too long, it seems that the body is in a state of excitement for too long, and the energy supply in the body is almost exhausted. At the same time, the body producesA large amount of waste cannot be removed, and the ability of the immune system will gradually decline. In the case of prolonged high fever, the brain will not be able to command the immune system to defend against the enemy, and the body is likely to enter a suppressed coma. In this case, let alone killing cancer cells, even oneself may be life-threatening due to high fever.

In recent years, more and more new cancer treatments have appeared, bringing new hope to many cancer patients. However, any therapy has certain drawbacks, and we must have a correct attitude and do not blindly follow.


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