Don’t smoke for three time periods, or it is more harmful than normal smoking, don’t be careless

It is well known that smoking is harmful to health. Every cigarette pack will have a sign that smoking is harmful to health, but this does not stop cigarettes from being harmful to health. attractiveness to some people. Many people smoke a pack or even a few packs of cigarettes every day. Although they relieve their stress, they are slowly consuming their lives.


Hazards of long-term smoking

1. Lung Disease

Smoking is a major cause of chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic airway obstruction Smoking can cause changes in the structure and function of central and peripheral airways, alveoli and capillaries, and at the same time affect the immune system of the lungs, resulting in lung diseases.

2, affecting sleep

According to survey data, smokers sleep less than non-smokers, and sleep quality is also worse, nicotine is the main culprit affecting sleep, Poor sleep quality not only makes people in a poor mental state after waking up, but also causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other problems if the habitual sleep quality is poor.

3. Induction of cardiovascular disease

< p data-track="9">Smokers have significantly higher incidences of coronary heart disease, hypertensive cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease than non-smokers. Smoking can cause vascular endothelial dysfunction and thrombosis Increased, enhanced inflammatory response and oxidative modification, thereby contributing to the development of cardiovascular disease.

4. Increased risk of miscarriage p>

The nicotine and nicotine contained in cigarettes can cause systemic vascular lesions in the uterine blood vessels, so smoking involved will lead to miscarriage in early pregnancy to mid-pregnancy One of the most dangerous complications – pregnancy-induced hypertension. Therefore, smoking in pregnant women not only harms their own health, but also harms the fetus in the womb.

5. Affect fertility

Sperm fertilization ability of long-term smokers is 75% lower than that of non-smokers. This is because sperm can recognize nicotine and respond to it. Long-term smoking can cause nicotine in human sperm. Nicotine receptor overload reduces the ability to fertilize, thereby affecting male fertility.

6. Induce cancer

Smoking is not only an important risk factor for lung cancer, but smoking is also associated with the occurrence of lip cancer, oral cancer, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer and cervical cancer. certain relationship. Studies have shown that carcinogens in smoke can also affect the fetus through the placenta, resulting in a significant increase in the incidence of cancer in its offspring.


Do not smoke at three time points, or it is more harmful than normal smoking. For the sake of your family, don’t be careless

From the above, we can see that the harm caused by long-term smoking to the human body is very huge. If there is no way to quit smoking immediately, you should alsoControl the amount of smoking, especially in the following three time periods, try not to smoke, so as not to bring more serious harm to the body.

1. Do not smoke immediately after waking up in the morning

For many old smokers who are addicted to smoking, they have not smoked for one night. At this time, their addiction has been suspended. If you smoke a cigarette immediately, you may feel uncomfortable all over, and even before you climb out of the bed, you start to light a cigarette and smoke.

Just get up in the morning and smoke a cigarette to make up for the nicotine in the blood that has been metabolized overnight Up, it can really refresh the mind for old smokers.

But after a night’s rest, the air in the room was not circulated, and the smoke mixed with cigarettes was sucked again In the lungs, smoking on an empty stomach will stimulate the bronchi to secrete fluid, which will lead to chronic bronchitis over time.

2. Do not smoke immediately after eating span>

Many people are accustomed to smoking a cigarette after eating and drinking, and they claim that “a cigarette after a meal is better than a living fairy” However, smoking immediately after meals will not only affect normal digestive function, but also have certain effects on other organs of the body.

When a person eats food, the digestive system immediately starts to move in an all-round way, carrying out various physiological activities such as digestion and absorption. At this time, the gastrointestinal peristalsis in the human body is very frequent, the blood circulation is also accelerated, and the pores of the body are also opened; and some excess heat energy is discharged and the biological respiration of tissue cells is accelerated.

If you smoke at this time, the lungs and whole body tissues will absorb the smoke greatly, and the harmful substances in the smoke will affect breathing, The digestive tract has a great stimulating effect; other alkaloids will enter the human body in large quantities, which will undoubtedly cause much greater harm to human body functions and tissues than usual smoking.

3. Don’t smoke when staying up late at night

Nowadays, with the accelerated pace of life, people’s work pressure is also increasing, and many people have now developed the bad habit of staying up late to sleep. Many people usually use smoking to refresh themselves when they stay up late, but such a habit is very detrimental to health.

When staying up late, the body’s adrenaline secretion will increase magnetism, smoking will increase blood pressure, and the heart rate will be accelerated. In addition, most people who stay up late do not exercise much, and blood circulation is relatively slow. Smoking will increase blood viscosity, seriously endanger blood vessel circulation, easily lead to thrombosis, and cause great harm.

If people who stay up late suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, smoking late at night will also induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It’s best to endure it for a while, don’t smoke, you can use other ways to refresh yourself, but for your health, it’s best not to stay up late.


Doing only three things may reduce the damage caused by smoking

1. Add enough water

Water is the source of life, the foundation of the human body, and the natural nemesis of tar. Water can excrete most of the harmful substances produced during smoking through the urethra. After getting up in the morning, when sweating profusely, after exercising or when thirsty, The body’s water balance has been unbalanced, and the first need at this time is to replenish water, not smoking.

2. Indirect smoking

Smoking one by one is a bad smoking habit, which can cause serious harm to the human body like overeating. The best way for smokers to reduce the amount of smoking is to switch to tobacco products with a higher vigor. Tobacco products with higher vigor can automatically adjust the smoking frequency and smoking intensity of the smokers to achieve the purpose of reducing the amount of smoking.

3. Put the newly opened packs away and smoke them again

Various chemical additives, adhesives and cigarette packaging materials added in the cigarette production process, at a rate of 2,500-10,000 cigarettes per minute The speed of the cigarettes is instantly closed in the cigarette case, and the printing ink, various chemical additives and adhesives, and various odors and harmful components produced by non-tobacco substances accumulated in the cigarette case after opening the package.

So, open the cigarette case and expose the cigarettes to the air to volatilize, and then smoke again after three minutes. , which will greatly reduce the harm of smoking to the human body. #Aile Health Guide#