Don’t sleep with latex pillows, it’s easy to be allergic and cause cancer? Which pillow is the best? look at these

Which pillow do you sleep with?

Latex pillows, buckwheat pillows, soybean pillows… There are many kinds of pillows, but they still toss and turn every time they go to bed, and they will return to sleep every time they wake up. Back pain and even stiff neck make it difficult to spend 1/3 of the day in bed.

At this time, in addition to physiological and pathological factors, have you ever thought that the bedding may be to blame, just like the pillow you need every night.

If the pillow is not used correctly, it will affect the whole body. It is said that using latex pillows is easy to be allergic and cause cancer. Is this true?

Perhaps many people like to buy expensive pillows when they buy pillows, and think that the more expensive the better. Then, let’s take a look at the materials of each pillow. For the popular latex pillow, as a net red product, the overall feeling is high in comfort, good in breathability, and strong in resilience, which means that it is not easy to deform.

Some people find a lot of red rashes on their necks after using latex pillows, accompanied by itching, and it is said on the Internet that latex pillows can cause allergies, It’s even carcinogenic, so it can’t be used anymore.

The reason why rumors say that latex pillows cause cancer is because a substance called styrene-butadiene rubber has been found in testing institutions, and this ingredient Considered a carcinogen. But in fact, judging from the current research, styrene-butadiene rubber is non-toxic and does not produce carcinogenic components, including formaldehyde.

On the contrary, for families with conditions, latex pillows can be chosen. In related studies, it was found that there is a latex protein component in latex pillows, which can inhibit bacteria and remove mites. Other pillows, like very traditional buckwheat pillows, are highly supportive and can be filled to the height you want, as long as you take them out to dry frequently and maintain the height of the pillow.

Which pillow is the best?

Actually, you can choose the above-mentioned latex pillow and buckwheat pillow according to your own situation. The down pillow is not recommended, which is easy to collapse. It is not suitable for the vast majority of people to use, and the health effect is poor.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the height of the pillow. Generally speaking, the height of the pillow for healthy adults should be 10cm, which is about a fist. If you sleep on your side, the height of the pillow should also be at the same level as your shoulders.

In this way, you should replace the pillow regularly. After all, everything has a lifespan. For people who sleep with buckwheat pillows, if you have the habit of drooling while sleeping, you should clean the pillow cover regularly. , pillow towel, the buckwheat inside should be taken out frequently and dried in the sun to prevent the buckwheat from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and mites and burying health risks.