Don’t just drink coffee to refresh yourself when you’re tired? These 4 tricks are more effective

Core tip: Many people choose to drink coffee when they are tired and sleepy. In fact, fatigue and sleepiness may be caused by diet. At this time, what you need is comprehensive dietary conditioning. rather than just drinking coffee.

Every afternoon, the office is always filled with the aroma of strong coffee. When tired and sleepy, many people will choose Drinking coffee is refreshing, and the lifting effect of coffee is indeed good, but it always cures the symptoms and not the root cause, and we still feel sleepless every day. Some dietitians have pointed out that the fatigue and sleepiness in this case are likely to be caused by diet, and only need to make some simple adjustments to get pretty good results.

Eat something new

fresh The ingredients are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber and antioxidants that can help us strengthen our physique. Fights colds, fatigue and viral infections.

Eating a fresh fruit and vegetable salad every day or drinking a glass of vegetable juice and eating some fresh fruit is a good choice.

Vitamin D supplementation

< span> Office workers stay in the office all day, and it is difficult to get vitamin D without the sun. Over time, the level of vitamin D in the body will be relatively low. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to fatigue, muscle soreness, and chronic diseases such as nervous system disorders and heart disease.

If you want to relieve fatigue, it is recommended to try spending a few minutes outside in the sun every day. pears and olive oil.

Eat less sugar

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High sugar Diet may cause insulin levels to rise, causing more fat to be stored in our livers.

It is recommended that the intake of sugar should not exceed 20-25g per day, and eat less sugar-containing processed foods, especially if the food label has already stated sugar. The amount exceeds 5g.

Avoid low-carb diets

Carbohydrates are the key to a vital daily diet and optimal brain and body function. A healthy woman needs at least 100-120g of carbohydrates a day to support the body and 20-40g of carbohydrates for activity. If you keep your carb intake low for a long time, you will feel tired and exhausted.

When supplementing carbohydrates, you can give priority to fruits, whole-grain bread or bread, and starchy vegetables such as corn and sweet potatoes, and eat less processed ones. carbohydrate.