Don’t go to a big hospital for minor illnesses, such an operation has no dignity at all

A few days ago, my colleagues in the anesthesiology department of my classmate’s hospital almost felt cold. That day, I felt uncomfortable during the operation. Fortunately, there are monitors in the operating room. It was a myocardial infarction, and the emergency personnel finally came over. However, what makes everyone sigh is that this talent is 35 years old.

Perhaps a lot of people are wondering, how can a doctor who sits all day looking at his phone get sick?

Faced with such doubts, the Department of Anesthesiology is powerless to explain. Let’s look at the past cases of sudden death in the medical field! The highest rate of sudden death is the anesthesiologist.

On the surface, it is true that many anesthesiologists often look at their mobile phones. However, in this information age, most of the information is obtained from the mobile phone, who can leave the mobile phone? !

What do anesthesiologists look at on their phones?

Learning. If so, it is indeed a bit dishonest, but at least not as rumored on the Internet – stock speculation.

It is humbling to say that anesthesiologists do look at professional knowledge more often. Because anesthesia is profound.

It can be said that it is not difficult to be anesthetized, but it is difficult to do anesthesia well. To do anesthesia well, you must be familiar with anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, etc. dozens of disciplines. Even, understand the art of communication and the law.

Some people ask, is it understandable to learn other knowledge, but also the law?

It does. Because anesthesia is a high-risk profession. The so-called high risk is the ferryman on the edge of life. The main job of an anesthesiologist, in addition to anesthesia, is to ensure the safety of the patient’s life. However, in the face of patients with various conditions, no one can guarantee successful treatment.

Once the treatment is unsuccessful, the defendant is likely to be accused under the complex background of the existing doctor-patient relationship.

It can be said that a doctor who knows how to protect himself is a good doctor. Because, only when doctors are safe can they have more opportunities to treat more patients.

In the group of classmates, in a burst of sighs, everyone was also talking about what caused the anesthesiologist to always be associated with sudden death.

Someone said in one sentence: The root cause is that everyone goes to the big hospital no matter how sick or small. Some people echoed: Small hospitals have few operations, and the operating room of a large hospital is comparable to an assembly line.

Someone complained: In the anesthesia preparation room of a large hospital, patients were lined up. There are drops on everyone’s arms. No one chatted with them, and no one cared if they were nervous.

Waiting for surgery, who wouldn’t be afraid? But in that case, they could only endure it in silence.

Some people may say: This is a problem of hospital management. A good hospital must have good humanistic care!

But then again, who will play this humane role?

A nurse? I’m sorry, but nurses break their legs every day, and they are running between the operating rooms, or standing beside the operating table with their legs straight. Some nurses were finally able to rest when they fainted.

A surgeon? Sorry, surgeons only come to the operating room when they are operating.

Aesthesiologist? Sorry, the junior anesthesiologists have to guard the operating table almost all the time; there are only a few senior anesthesiologists who have to take care of the situation in several operating rooms. Once there is a situation, it will be dealt with in the past.

The most important thing is that anesthesiologists are not only physically tired, but also mentally tired. During an operation, no matter what the anesthesiologist is doing on the surface, he must not let his mind relax. Once relaxed, it is possible to miss the detection of abnormal vital signs in patients. If it’s too late, something big could happen.

Let me tell you the truth: If it’s not a serious illness that cannot be cured locally, don’t travel all the way to a big hospital. Doctors are people, not machines. Everyone piled into big hospitals, and it was impossible to pay attention to all the details.

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