Dongyueguan Town: Support the legal “protective umbrella” for “youth”

Zhangjiajie News Network, April 18 (Correspondent Zhuo Meng) April 15 this year is the seventh National Security Education Day. In order to strengthen the overall national security concept and further enhance the national security awareness of the majority of teachers and students, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongyueguan Town, Cili County led a team to organize the traffic police and the judicial office to carry out national security, traffic safety, anti-drug and rule of law in the town middle school. Lectures.

In the lecture, the deputy secretary of the town party committee organized a study of the “National Security Law”, “Anti-Terrorism Law” and other relevant laws, and vividly explained the origin of the National Security Education Day for the whole people, the basic content of national security, and safeguarding the country. Safety obligations and other knowledge, guide teachers and students to establish a “big safety” awareness. Based on the actual situation around the campus, the traffic police start from the traffic accidents that have occurred in recent years and the safety problems involving students found in the daily traffic management work, to popularize the traffic safety knowledge to the students, and use the real cases around them to alert and educate the students to strengthen themselves. Protection and security awareness. The director of the Judicial Institute adopted the method of storytelling, focusing on the highlights of the revision of the “Minor Protection Law”, focusing on school protection, social protection, network protection, etc., combined with real typical cases, to explain the law by case, and by law Discussing matters, it educates and guides underage students how to protect themselves, and at the same time explains in simple terms the harm of drugs, the types of drugs and how to effectively prevent and stay away from drugs.

This legal education lecture further improved the legal concept and legal literacy of all students, and laid a solid legal foundation for building a safe and harmonious campus environment. Teachers and students expressed that the lectures have a clear theme, rich content, strong pertinence and practicality, and they have benefited a lot.

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